Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deep Blues

Hey, hey all y'all.

Thanks for votin' in the poll. We'll hit up your poll winners later this week, but we've got a new project and passion that's gonna take up some space over the next few months. Let's say we'll alternate between regular posts and pimpin' posts. That way you're not overwhelmed.

There's a super duper festival coming up this summer that any fan of this here blog should circle their calendars for. It's called The Deep Blues Festival, it's in Minneapolis MN, and it features a lineup that's pure nirvana to fans of real, dirt-crusted gutbucket Blues and Trash-Blues. You can find the god-like lineup here, a blog dedicated to the festival here, and a myspace page here. We plead with you to visit these sites regularly.

I'm gonna be there, oh hell yes, and hopefully will have some news regarding my presence within the next few months. So get your travel plans in order, folks.

As I said, we're going to be doing features here, sporadically, over the next few months, about as many of the artists as we can fit in.

For today's post we're just gonna throw out some tunes by some of the artists who will be there that you may already be familiar with. Fat Possum and Big Legal Mess are gonna be represented in full force, so that should tell you something about how great this event is gonna be. Screw yr pitchforks and lollapaloozas, this will be the place to be.

More indepth posts to come.

T Model Ford: Ugly Ass Grin (mp3)

Robert Cage: Get Outta Here (mp3)

Elmo Williams: Natchez Fire (mp3)

Kenny Brown: Shake 'Em On Down (mp3)

Pure Country Gold: Lady Low (mp3)

Please support your local, independent, Blues festival.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Greasy Fingers

Note: The following mix has been deleted by my server because someone who was featured on the mix protested. This seems to be an ongoing problem with bloggers recently. I'm trying to find out from my server who it was that didn't want you to hear one of their songs, so that I could warn you away from purchasing their music. Once I know, I'll let you know, and you can make your purchasing decisions accordingly. Shit, this is my second warning, so god knows how long we'll be around....

Ummm...hello? Is this thing on?

Eh. There's no point in apologizing for delays any longer. We are who we are. Not like folks are stopping by for breaking news or whatnot.

To tide all y'all over we've got another one of them there super duper Big Rock Candy Mountain mixes for yr listening enjoyment. We stand by every damn track.

But, wait, there's more. Before downloading the following mix, take the opportunity to vote in the poll to your left. Help us make you happy.

The Big Rock Candy Greasy Fingers Mix
(mp3 link follows track listing)

1. Rock Bottom (Wheels On Fire)
2. Lookin' For A Thril (John Paul Keith and the 145's)
3. If I Get Low Enough (Johnny Dollar)
4. The Good Times (The Chatham Singers)
5. Downtown (Mott The Hoople)
6. My Own Kick Going (Ronnie Self)
7. Wild West (Quintron)
8. Blue Train Station (The Cynics)
9. Party Dolls And Wine (Red Steagall)
10. Veronica Lake (New Bomb Turks)
11. The Lord Is Coming Back (Reverend Beat Man)
12. Every Goddam Thing To Hell (Rev. Frost)
13. There's A Higher Power (Brother Claude Ely)
14. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away (Eddie Noack)
15. The World's Greatest Sinner (The A-Bones)
16. Swing Low Sweet Truth (The Mustang)
17. Dirty Nails (Tennessee Tearjerkers)
18. Get It (Scat Rag Boosters)
19. Back Door Man (Black Oak Arkansas)
20. It's The Law (Bob Log III)
21 Daddy Wants A Cold Beer (Menster Phips and the Phipsters)
22. If You Don't Like My Apples (Gentleman Jim)
23. Truck Stop Girl (Little Feat)
24. Atom Bomb Baby (Carlos and the Banditos)
25. One More Beer (Big Bill Lister)
26. Satisfied (Elder Charles D. Beck)

The Big Rock Candy Greasy Fingers Mix (mp3)

As ever, please support local, independent businesses as best you can.