Thursday, March 08, 2012

Moonshine and Mud

Hey now!  Exciting news!  There's a new Ten Foot Polecats record on the horizon (late spring/early summer), and we've got a sneak peak!

We've covered the band several times over the years, and we make no apologies.  An unholy holler of mud encrusted Howlin' Wolf  revival punkblues godhead, featuring some of the nastiest shards of dirty geetar crashing the levee's and destroying everything in it's path.

The following tune is a tribute to the seminal Muddy Roots Festival.  Damn, Sam, but this makes us wish we had been there!

More on all this later, but for now, enjoy! (yeah, it's a stream, but we'll have plenty of mp3 stuff coming up, so relax...all will be well, and the song kicks ass!)