Friday, March 29, 2013

Beat Fury!

Here we go.

Another new feature:  Essential Comps Everyone Should Own!  Great compilation albums essential for every hi-fi!  Let's see how long this one lasts!!!

Our first entry is the mighty comp "Beat Jazz-Pictures From the Gone World", on Pesky Serpent Records.   

Dig that swing, daddy-o, cuz this a mighty slab o' bongo-beatin', be-bop swingin' down'n'dirty finger poppin' groove and rhythm rebellion, featuring such luminaries as Jack Kerouac, Slim Gaillard, Kenneth Rexroth, Moondog, Sun Ra, Coleman Hawkins, and Bob Dorough

It's a beat-noir masterpiece of funky jazz, Autumnal groove, caffeinated word-bop and SEX, SEX, SEX!!!  Perfect for every party, when the mood gets down and the mellow vibe is needed, slap this fucker on and watch the berets go flyin' as the kids get their freak on! Ya think you've got a mad pad now?  Its' about to get even madder!

"Beat Jazz-Pictures From the Gone World" can be found all over the world-wide web (even available on the inferior CD version...we, of course, recommend the vinyl)....Check it out, now, you beatnik funk soul brothers and sisters!

Perhaps our favorite "comp" of all time.

The following is ripped from our vinyl copy.  

Roy Glenn: Big High Song For Somebody (mp3)

Ellie Glenn and the 7 Beat Sulks: Let's Make It (mp3)

Please support yr local, independent chin-bearded bongo-beatin' beatnik. 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Six Pack

Hey Now!  Rock'n'Roll raconteurs!  Where y'all been?  Got the holy rollin' spirit deep down, Amen!  Sabbatical over, let's kick off with a new installment of the world famous Big Rock Candy Mountain 6 Pack Series! 

6 tunes, ripped from vinyl, that are sure to move yr feet and save yr sinnin' soul!  Goin' heavy on the sleaze this time, with some salvation worked in, so gird yr loins in yr special, sanctified undepants, we're goin' on trip from Heaven to Hell!

Jerry Jaye kicks us off with a proper, down home honky tonk bootstomper of a life live in the bottle (and drivin', of course, not that we condone that behaviour, of course).  Follow that up with a Voodoo Rhythm two-fer, the good lord willin'.  A couple of tracks, unearthed grubs from the dirtiest Bloooze'n' Jaysis dirt, to rattle yr bones and shake yr sinner hips, courtesy of The Gospel Pimps and the mighty, mighty, mighty Reverend Beat Man

If y'all can survive that....take it down to Texas for a little more boozin', courtesy of the seminal Jon Wayne!

Gotta wipe the sleaze of yr chin after all that?  Well, get truly sanctified by Reverend Douglas Bell and the Stage Cruisers, and a low-down gospel rave-up to send the Holy Spirit wingin' yr way (and he's comin' on missile, so watch out!).

And, finally, after all our indulgence, a cautionary tale, from our old pal, and fave rave Country artist, Hank Snow.   And what would life be like without ol' Hank?  Not good.  Not good at all. 

Enjoy!  Buy rekkids!  All songs ripped from our library of vinyl!  Rock'n'Roll daddy-O!

Jerry Jaye: Drinkin' My Way Back Home (mp3)

Gospel Pimps: Oh When the Pimps (mp3)

Reverend Beat Man: It's A Beat Man's World (mp3)

Jon Wayne: Texas Wine (mp3)

Reverend Douglas Bell and the Stage Cruisers: Nuclear Blast (mp3)

Hank Snow: The Face on the Barroom Floor (mp3)

All songs are from vinyl, which is how god intended it.  Support yr local, independent rekkid store!