Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Endings

Holding pattern. Sort of.

We will have an official announcement on our next post (which is almost completed, believe it or not...should be coming soon, and it's well worth your time). What's the announcement, you ask? Well, if you're clever you might guess (and if you're like me, and not clever at all, try looking at my "profile"...that's all I'm gonna say.)

Truth be told, it's harder to make a mix than to hunker down and write an actual post. But it's probably more fun to make that mix. And, well, the following mix has a clue to the next post. So there you are. How exciting is that?

The following mix is a special tribute to all y'all who've stuck with us for the past few years, through my sporadic posting, rants'n'raves, political excursions (which I make no apologies for), obsessions, pecadillos, and whatnot. I honestly can't believe some of y'all have stuck around this long..."and death will have no dominion..".

Key tracks: "Willin", "Cemetary Row", "Cancion Para Mi Padre", "Barstool Mountain", "L.A. Freeway", "Blues Run the Game", and, of course, "We Believe In Happy Endings". But, really, every damn song stands on it's own. It's all fiddles and organs, innit?

Despite the title, we're not going away. Yet. We're stubborn that way, and we've got some more ground to cover, and Xmas is coming soon, believe it or not, and you know what that means. Good times and sparkly lites.

Please enjoy the following mix, then, created especially...for you.

I do not know when it was
that you promised to stay,
only that, in the morning,
when you stayed,
the sun rose a little brighter,
fragile in it's illumination
and brighter than ten thousand fireflies.
You shone like the seven seas, then,
caught between the dipping of the moon
and the turning of the globe.
And something brighter
than these poor misted eyes can fathom,
a spark of life lived, plucked,
and held in calloused palms,
forever in now.
You were the stars I travelled,
The mountain I climbed,
until the rarefied air of ascent
took my breath away.

Big Rock Happy Endings Mix
(MP3 link follows track listing, of course)

1. Send Down That Rain (Brother Claude Ely)
2. Everybody Wants to See Heaven, Nobody Wants To Die (Black Oak Arkansas)
3. I Only Know (Tom House)
4. Take A Drink On Me (Charlie Poole)
5. Alcohol and #2 Diesel (The Willis Brothers)
6. I Gotta Get Drunk (Joe Carson)
7. Your Squaw Is On the Warpath (Loretta Lynn)
8. Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint (Ernest Tubb)
9. Sleepy-Eyed John (Johnny Horton)
10. Hey Me, I'm Riding (Lee Hazlewood)
11. Salt Lake City (The Dwarves)
12. El Paso City (Marty Robbins)
13. Porch Song (Trailer Bride)
14. Water Into Wine (Slim Cessna's Auto Club)
15. Willin' (Little Feat)
16. Pecan Pie (Golden Smog)
17. Cemetery Row (Minus 5)
18. Good For Nothing (Freakwater)
19. Cancion Para Mi Padre (Sally Timms)
20. Visit Me In Music City (Bobby Bare Jr.)
21. (We're Not The) Jet Set (George Jones and Tammy Wynette)
22. Barstool Mountain (Johnny Paycheck)
23. Drinkin' and Dreamin' (Waylon Jennings)
24. L.A. Freeway (Guy Clark)
25. Blues Run The Game (Jackson C. Frank)
26. Border Radio (Dave Alvin)
27. On My Way Downtown (Peter Case)
28. Begin (Lambchop)
29. We Believe In Happy Endings (The Dry Branch Fire Squad)

Big Rock Happy Endings (mp3)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome mix.

Beth said...

Don't go anywhere!

Mark P said...

I can't tell if you're going to hit the road, go on a drunk, or get a massage. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Killer mix! Thanks.

JK said...

Great mix. Thanks!

Testify said...

Foggy Mountain Records huh? You startin' your own label perchance? It would kind of tie in with How Do You Feel About Vinyl Records? question too.

Testify said...

Mmm on t'other hand : Were Not The Jet Set, Begin, We Believe In Happy Endings and that poem...your fixin' to get wed aren't you?