Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Santa In His Cups

Special, hiccup, Yuletide post today.

We got a request for a re-post of a tune we posted lo these many years ago, here at this site. It's a Christmas drinking song, which we also shared last year on our companion site, Barstool Mountain (which will make it's triumphant return in January). And we got to thinking (which we do on occasion)....well, there's a few neato tunes of Holiday cheer(s) that we posted on that site which never quite made their way over this-a-ways for our big Seasonal postings. And we're never shy about the true meaning of the Spirit(s) of Christmas.

So, for your inebriated joy to the world, we'd like to offer you a few of our favorite Xmas brews. This is just a small sampling, so if you'd like further shots of Santa sippin', please let us know. We've got plenty more where these came from.

Helping to toast the Season we've got classics from The Minus 5, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, Red Star Belgrade, and Tiger City Jukes. A super duper lineup, perfect for your next Aluminum Christmas Tree decorating party!

Santa's in the corner with a flask!

The Minus 5: Your Christmas Whiskey (mp3)

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airman: Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas (mp3)

Tiger City Jukes: Watch Out! Santa's Been Drinking (mp3)

Red Star Belgrade: Christmas Day (mp3)

Re-Post (By Request!):

Clyde Lasley and the Cadillac Babys: Santa Came Home Drunk (mp3)

Please support your local, independent brewmaster.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the reposting!


Anonymous said...

Previously left my comment in the wrong place ... (I think) ... anyway ...
Really enjoy what you put up here.
I'd like to request a repost of:
"Holly and Her Mistletoe" by Jim Lauderdale.
And thanks!

Brian K Reese said...

We'll get you your "holly and her mistletoe" on Wednesday, ch51.

Daniel, happy to do it.

Mark P said...

I'm really enjoying this year - every post (and re-post) has been great.

Eagerly anticipating the return of Barstool Mountain!