Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Jingle bells, Batman smells...Did I mention we have an Aluminum Christmas tree? It's slightly trippy if you stare at it too long.

Just a reminder that our World-renowned Best Of 2009 list is coming up (the week between Xmas and New Year's). We're still evaluating, re-ranking, deleting and adding, so we don't yet have a true preview of what y'all can expect. Oh, wait. Our number one record of the year is set in stone. So, there's that. Betcha can't wait.

Oh, yes, Christmas tunes.

Goin' back to the well, and hittin' up the Hee Haw Holiday Ho Ho's. Charley Pride, Bobby Bare, Tennessee Ernie Ford,Bill Anderson, and Cathy Sharpe are here to twang it's way into our Grinch-ish hearts. A little sentimental, a little rockin', and a whole lotta love, by cracky.

We're going alternately naughty and loopy with our bonus-reposts today. Suspicious characters such as Johnny Guarnieri, C.W. Stoneking, King Coleman, Mae West, and Eddy Clearwater (with Los Straightjackets) all step out of the asylum for Christmas break with tales of pot-smokin' Santa's, greed, sex, and insanity. Oh yes. And the Eddy Clearwater song offers a little hope, which aint such a bad thing at all.

Twang-Time Santa!

Charley Pride: Santa And The Kids (mp3)

Bobby Bare: Christmas In My Smokey Mountain Home (mp3)

Tennessee Ernie Ford: Christmas Dinner (mp3)

Bill Anderson: Po Folks Christmas (mp3)

Cathy Sharpe: North Pole Rock (mp3)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts

Johnny Guarnieri: Santa's Secret (mp3)

C.W. Stoneking: On A Christmas Day (mp3)

King Coleman: Blue Grey Christmas (mp3)

Mae West: Put The Loot In The Boot Santa (mp3)

Eddy Clearwater w/Los Straightjackets: Good Time Coming (mp3)

Please consider giving what you can, helping out your local, independent businesses, and having a peaceful Holidays.

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Good stuff. By cracky!