Friday, August 20, 2010

Road Hog


Perhaps it's inspired by a friend's recent road trip along the entirety of Route 66.  Perhaps it's with the waning of summer and the desire to hit the road.   Perhaps we're trying to make amends for our time away.

Whichever, we've got a nifty little mix for y'all today.  And it's road songs...all road songs.  And, yeah, it's a little heavy on the truckin' songs, but what can we say?  We're all about the truckin' 'round these parts, and we'd be curious to discover if anyone's got a larger collection of the damn things than we do (we're pretty seriously obsessive). 

But it aint all just 18-Wheeler fetishism.  We got some draggin', some locomotin', some shout-outs to The Fuzz, and some odes to movement in general.  Oh, and some of the tunes may contain sexual innuendo.  Do what you will with that.  We missed a couple thousand great tunes, but how long do you really want to spend downloadin' this sucker?  'Sides,  its leaves us open to a part 2, 

We'll be back to posting about, you know, actual bands shortly.  And we've got a special request coming up.  So stay tuned. 

For now, pop this sucker in yr 8-Track, and hit the highways before it's too late!

The Big Rock Candy Road Hog Mix
(Download link follows track listing)

1. Hot Wheels (Stan Farlow)
2. Trucker From Tennessee (Link Davis)
3. (I Want To Be A) Truck Driver's Sweetheart (Marcie Dickerson)
4.  Bennies and Beer (Chinga Chavin)
5. Change Gears On That Thing (Hasil Adkins)
6. Speed Traps, Weigh Stations and Detour Signs (Dave Dudley)
7. Ford And A Shaker (James Gallagher)
8. Hot Rod (Roy Hogsed)
9. Roll On Down The Highway (The Donnas)
10. Harley Davidson (Mick Harvey and Anita Lane)
11.  Hell's Angels (Johnny Bond)
12. Rocket 88 (Jackie Brentson/Ike Turner)
13. Night Train (John R.)
14. The Golden Rocket (Hank Snow) 
15. Hey Truckers (Andre Williams and The Sadies)
16. Truck Drivin' Outlaw (Denis Olson)
17. Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield (Del Reeves)
18. Don't Drag No More (Susan Lynne)
19. Highway Patrol (Junior Brown)
20. Beaver On My Lap and a Bear On My Trail (Ferlin Husky)
21. Highway Man (Howlin' Wolf)
22. Ride On Josephine (Bo Diddley)
23. Windfall (Son Volt)
24. '57 Chevrolet (Billie Jo Spears)
25. I've Got A New Road Under My Wheels (Tommy Duncan/Bob Wills)
26. Grudge Run (Dick Dale)
27. This Train (Elder Samuel Patterson and the Christian Crusaders)
28. Diamonds On My Windshield (Tom Waits)
29. Hitch Hiking Girl (Red Sovine)
30. Hard Hard Traveling Man (Dick Curless)
31. 18 Wheeler Fever (Scott H Biram)
32. Drive That Rig To Glory (Craig Donaldson)
33. White Line Fever (Merle Haggard)
34. Outro-Mad Road Driving

BRCM-Road Hog Mix (mp3)

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I always love your mixes! They're great on road trips.

Anyhow, thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Holy Sheeeeit!,
This is just too scary.
Love all these awesome mixes.
But how in tarnation did y'all know I was on a HUGE Trucker music kick right now...
The icing on the cake my friend.
You muss be one dem there mind readers, ayup..
thanks again.
Mark W

Max Frost said...

Cool mix. You got Dave Dudley, Del Reeves, the Baron himself Dick Curless, even Red Sovine. No Red Simpson? I mean, Christ, you put the Donnas in a truckin'/road mix and leave out Red Simpson? Even so, I'm diggin' it, more people should hear this kind of music, thanks for doing this. By the way, check out Chris Sprague, a young guy that would make Dave Dudley proud.

Brian K Reese said...

Thanks folks. As for Red Simpson...I think in past mixes I've done the Red Simpson to death (his does share the crown as king with Dudley, after all). Figgered it was time for him to take a load off for this round, and get some "fresh" blood in there. 'speck you'll see plenty of Ol' Red further down the line. And, hey, what's wrong with The Donna's. We think they're pretty keen.

Jerry Lee said...

Great songs, man. Just found your blog thru a link on Be Bop Wino, I'm diggin' it!