Thursday, December 30, 2010

Twenty Thousand Roads I Went Down, Down, Down

Goodness gracious, we're stumbling and fumbling, teetering, even, ever nearer to the finale o' this year-end fol-de-rol  Here's Part 3 of our grandiose Favorite Records of 2010.   After this, we've got the Top 10, so things are heatin' up.  If you think we've missed anything, or if we're just full of wind-baggery, let us know.  What great records have we left out?  

Oh, and if you think we've short-shrifted the Honky Tonk, well stay tuned for the Top 10 Trust us.  

Any guesses as to what's gonna make the Top 10?  Hmmm..

Until then, here's our top 20-11.  EnjoyAs ever, most of these tunes are ripped from beautiful vinyl.  That's the way god wants it. 

Big Rock Candy Favorite Records of 2010 (Part 3)


The Ding-Dongs: The Ding-Dongs

Mark Sultan: $

Tandoori Knights: Curry Up

We do this every year, but why the hell not?  Now that King Khan and Mark Sultan/BBQ have rather nastily broken up, what do we get?   That's right...more records.  Bloodshot Bill plays peacekeeper here, teaming with Sultan for The Ding-Dongs and hooking up with King Khan on The Tandoori Knights.  Both records are nasty, sweaty, sleaze-fests, as we would expect.  We give a slight edge to The Tandoori Knights, what with the slinky Indian underpinnings.  But only a slight edge, as these records are both essential party records for yr turntable.  Oh, and Sultan's solo record is every bit the equal, as he continues his swamp-grease sock hop adventure.

The Ding-Dongs: Ding-Dong Party (mp3)

Mark Sultan: I Get Nothin' From My Girl (mp3)

Tandoori Knights:  Bucketful (mp3)


Super Wild Horses: Fifteen

Aussie girl-duo, beat beat beat tribal shout and guitar slashed garbage can destruction.   Nasty like yr last girlfriend who wouldn't fuck you when you were a dick, and louder when the neighborhood woke.

Super Wild Horses: Mess Around (mp3)


Puffy Areolas: In The Army 1981 LP

Puffy Areolas: Rock'n'Roll Express 7"

Noise.  Punk-ass punk rawk, nihilistic noise, motherfucker.   Good gravy, this is gloriously unhealthy listening. 

Puffy Areolas: 1981 (mp3)


John Wesley Coleman III: Bad Lady Goes To Jail

Bad man in jail, arms scarred, red-eyed and shaggy, screw you man, and Jack Oblivian's in the next room laughing,  holding out on the smokes, the bastard.  Bad night, then, goin' up country and coming down covered in motor oil and Memphis mud. 

John Wesley Coleman III: Get High Babe (mp3)


Overnight Lows: City Of Rotten Eyes

Again, what we said earlier:

"Boy/girl snot shit vocals over a bed of seedy guitar scrawl trash and primal pounding. Jump around yr room and smash stuff, cuz yr mom's gonna hate it, and that's why you listen. Bust yr speakers out, cuz that's what they're there for, and the Overnight Lows give you every reason rip yr shit up. Motherfuck a man, this is great shit. "

Overnight Lows: Low Road (mp3)


Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band: The Wages

Hoot hollow moonshine porch pound, squeezed out bottleneck slide gee-tar and feets a stompin' yr Country Blues back to primordial pond. 

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band: Clap Your Hands (mp3)


Wheels On Fire: Liar, Liar LP

Wheels On Fire: Cherry Bomb 7"

What we said earlier this year:

"Organ-soaked, and greasy, greasy, greasy, like yr street corner desperate Romeo, tight pants cock hangin' low and ready, gonna take you to the dangerous side of town, where the drinks are hard and the ladies shimmer and shake, smarter than you, and who they go home with is a matter of opinion."

Wheels On Fire: Losin' (mp3)

Wheels On Fire: Broken Up (mp3)


Pierced Arrows: Descending Shadows

More brilliant rawk godhead from Bill and Toody (formerly Dead Moon, fer chrissakes!) .   If AC/DC took better drugs and listened to the Seeds, they might be lucky to half this good.  Essential. 

Pierced Arrows: Tripped Out (mp3)


The Jim Jones Revue: Burning Your House Down

Great god-a'mighty, satan's pedal down that there e-lectric piano,  turned to 12 and groove me baby straight into flames. 

The Jim Jones Revue: Killin' Spree (mp3)


Cee Lo Green: The Lady Killer

Yeah.  No apologies.  This is a fuckin' great record.  You know it is. The best Soul record in years, smoother and nastier than yr mom.   Got-damn!  And "Fuck You" is the best song you heard all year. 

Cee Lo Green: Fuck You (mp3) (link removed by request)

Yup...if you dig any of these rekkids, grab 'em at yr local independent record store, or buy direct from the artist.  If you don't like any of 'em, stay tuned.  Maybe you'll groove on the Top 10.

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