Wednesday, December 05, 2012

At The Christmas Ball

It's the Holidays, and no sign of snow in sight.  Alas.

Gonna have a special Holiday post today, with all the Mrs. Santa Claus' weighing in.  Everybody knows Mrs. Claus does all the work, anyway.  And how come she doesn't get her own name? "Mrs. Claus"?  Someone needs to investigate and find out her real name.

So, it's all deep Blues Ladies today, and one hell of a lineup of powerhouses.  Some of 'em are lamenting not having a man at Christmas (whether he's in jail, or unavailable, otherwise, to "trim their tree"), but methinks they're better off without a scalliwag around to mess shit up.  Just our opinion.

The mighty Bessie SmithBertha "Chippie" HillVictoria Spivey Marry Harris.  Damn, Santa's in heap of trouble.  This may be the mightiest assemblage of talent we've ever posted in a single sitting.

The Holiday season is filled with the blues.  See for yourself!

Bessie Smith: At The Christmas Ball (mp3)

Bertha "Chippie" Hill: Christmas Man Blues (mp3)

Victoria Spivey: Christmas Morning Blues (mp3)

Mary Harris: No Christmas Blues (mp3)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, love you guys and your songs!

Les Filles Faux said...

Love you guys and your songs! Hell yes to your christmas songs!

Anonymous said...

Love the songs and the pictures are fantastic!

Mark said...

Just a powerhouse of talent!

Adrian said...

Today's posts are what Xmas are all about ... just amazing!

kage said...

gotta love the blues...excellent choices!