Monday, December 24, 2012

On the Eve

As Mr. Sovine famously said, here it is Xmas.  Time to celebrate the birth of Shane MacGowan! We made it!  Our War on Christmas (tm) has reached it's end for another year. 

And don't forget to tune back in Wednesday for the start of our world famous Big Rock Candy Mountain Best of 2012 extravaganza!

Regular readers will already know the two songs we're posting today.  They're our two favorite Xmas songs.

One is a very humorous take on family life at Christmas-time.  The other is a sweeping epic of love, hope, despair, and the very human condition of dreaming for a better life.  We could write (and have written) paragraphs about the songs, but let's just let them speak for themselves.

Have a great Holiday, however you choose to celebrate. 

The Pogues: Fairytale of New York (mp3)

Robert Earl Keen: Merry Christmas From the Family (mp3)



Mark said...

Thanks again for the great holiday tunes. Have a merry Christmas!

Dat ol' Varmint said...

Hey Brian,
It's my B-day today too.
Hit the 44 mark today.
Thanks for all the hipness throughout the season and all year.
I'll be sure to have a Christmas CD out to ya next year...

Adrian said...

Tremendous stuff, one of the things that makes Christmas bearable: thanks to both of you. Robert Earl Keen came up on my Xmas playlist today, to the kids' consternation! Have a great holiday and thanks again for introducing us to these great tunes.

Silver Bill said...

Sorry to see the season of soft porn behind us, you always do a stellar job of getting the "hard" on the holiday season. Thanks for the eclectic tunes as always. And the tit-ilations ain't too bad either.

Brian K Reese said...

Thanks, folks! A very merry, merry to all y'all! Stick around! we might actually have our shit together for the coming year!