Monday, December 03, 2012

Day 3 of the Holiday daily posting!  Hell, we made it three days in a row (4, if you count the Chicken Diamond post below)!  This really is the season for giving!

Let's start things off with a boozy little Country tune about life in a bar at Christmas, by Loy Blanton.  Tinsel, twinkling lights, mistletoe, sad songs on the jukebox, and all the lonely lost souls.  A perfect Country Xmas.

Follow that up with a screaming, organ drenched ode to the greatest Xmas gift of all, courtesy of the mighty trashgaragepunk two-man-band gods,  Bantam Rooster!  Man, does it get any better than this?

Sour and Sweet Santa!

Loy Blanton: Christmas at the Jersey Lily Lounge (mp3)

Bantam Rooster: Let's Just Fuck For Christmas (mp3)



Wings1295 said...

Love the Blanton track, so great!

Adrian said...

Indeed, Loy Blanton has brought me to tears! And on a dry Tuesday night!

Dat ol' Varmint said...

Once again the most righteous time of year is upon us at the Big Rock Candy Mountain.. thanks so much for the most bestest Christmas treats of all.
Mark W
Hope you're well my friend..