Saturday, December 15, 2012

Funky Santa


We debated on whether it was appropriate to do an Xmas post today, due to recent events.  After some thought, and discussions with others, we've decided to go on ahead.  Figger the world needs as much joy as it can get these days, and we're a small corner tucked away, but hopefully we make at least of few of y'all smile now and again.  We're not remotely religious, and the majority of the world doesn't even celebrate the primary focus of our posts this month, at least not on a spiritual level.  We're all in this together, though, somehow and in some way.  Peace on Earth, indeed.

Now, on to the original post.

Playin' "Captain Obvious" today! A little sumthin' sumthin' to shake the tinsel off yr tree and get yr Santa suit a'quakin'!

Grab yr partner and groove deep down to the funky Xmas stylings of Count Sidney and His Dukes, Funk Machine, Graham Parker and Nona Hendryx (of Labelle), and his lordship, James Brown!

Santa's got a bag full o' Soul!

Count Sidney and His Dukes: Soul Christmas (mp3)

Funk Machine: Soul Santa (mp3)

Graham Parker and Nona Hendryx: Soul Christmas (mp3)

James Brown: Soulful Christmas (mp3)

Be good to each other.  We're all we've got.


Mark said...

James Brown loves you!

chris said...

Hey! Just recorded a Christmas song I think you might enjoy! It's called "It's Christmas Time (Let's Get Fucked Up)"

Guuzbourg said...

GREAT track by Graham Parker and Nona!

kage said...

A tragedy it is and yes joy is needed.

I consider soul/funk gems joyous!