Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Black Mattie

So...for all those folks who missed the Deep Blues Fest this year, this is what you missed, a stunning throwdown between The Ten Foot Polecats, The Scissormen, and Molly Gene.

Oh, damn, this was transcendental....from the tribal drum break, to the guitar god-head, to the vocal George and Tammy back and forth of Jay and Molly Gene...

Every band was amazing, so it's hard to pick a winner.  We think this video makes it's own case.

Got-damn, this is rock'n'roll!

More on Molly Gene soon... oh, hell yeah!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here we go again...

Today is another round of our series (random, as they are) of The Greatest Song Ever Written (At Least For Today), where we highlight a song, for the sake of the song.  No wordy exposition.  No Mountainesque rambling.  The song is the star.  Of course, we always encourage folks to support the artists' (or their legacies) involved.

Peter Laughner  was most notably a member of Rocket From The Tombs, and early incarnations of Pere Ubu.  He was associated with many other bands, as well, but that's neither here nor there, ultimately.  You can find out more about him on the world wide interwebs.   His tragic end should not detract from the amazing music he made, most notably the song "Amphetamine".  An astonishing piece of work, stolen by the horrendously bland Wilco.   To quote another tediously bland band, we're "stealing it back".

A slice of heartbreaking beauty, then.  A swirling, droning piece of loss and loneliness.  Breathe deep and shine...

"Like having a party, but you aren't invited..."

Peter Laughner: Amphetamine (mp3)

Rocket From The Tomb: Amphetamine (mp3)

Just enjoy...Support who you can. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tush Hog Boogie

Hey, now, fucked up mutant Country music kids, Bloody Ol' Mule's got a new record out, and we're all kinda jazzed.  Think ya'll might be as well.

If Scott Biram seems a little tame for ya, then One-Man-Band  Bloody Ol' Mule's yr new best friend. Shilo Brown (the man behind the moniker)  is a fucked up mutherfucker,  surveying the very darkest of backroads America, and not for the faint of heart.

The Devil is a prime player to Bloody Ol' Mule's muse.  And women gone bad.  Hell, the men are even worse. All mangled up into a holy mess of cowpunk, dirty blues, and trailer park southern gothic trash fuzz. This is evil and compelling shit.  Brown takes no prisoners, less'n they're  actual prisoners who have done very bad things.

Bang, bang the kick drum set, shred some nasty cow-patty boogie, holler and moan in nasty Okie dust bowl covered trailer ecstasy.


Bloody Ol Mule have another record (the man generously overloads us with tunes) coming out with Devil Christ! Man, we're just lucky cusses, aint we?

Bloody Ol' Mule: Tush Hog Boogie (mp3)

Bloody Ol' Mule: Two Fisted Drinkin' (mp3)

Bloody Ol' Mule: Holy Ghost Power (mp3)

Enjoy some nasty rawk'n'country!  Support independent artists!