Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue When it Rains

Hey, what's new?

Our computer died, so we lost all our playlists.  Sadness!  But...all music was saved on an external hard drive, and we got a shiny new machine, so we only have 145 days of saved music to troll through (not counting all the vinyl and new stuff) and re-catalouge/ re-visit!  Good times, and who knows what hidden treasures we've forgotten that'll get a new listening, so there's that!

Working on a big post, and we've got some other stuff in the pipeline, but here's a little something to hold y'all off!

Another tune in our series of "Best songs ever written (at least for today)", wherein we just post a song with little or no exposition, and allow said tune to stand by itelf!

Today, it's a nifty little N'Awlins holler from Blind James Campbell!  A glorious and joyful shouter, perfect for killing the blues, wipin' the tears from yr eyes, and sending y'all shimmying down the street!  But don't take our word for it...listen for yrselves!  Our favorite song of all time, at least for today!

Blind James Campbell: I Am So Blue When It Rains (mp3)

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