Wednesday, June 30, 2004

only a matter of time Posted by Hello

Ok...I'm back, and with very very very exciting news. The new Tom Waits album, Real Gone, is due October 5th. I will be standing outside the record store approximately 1-2 hours before they open, in the vain hope that they'll let me in early. Course, they'll still be at home sleeping, but what the hell.

Now you may ask why I would go to a brick and mortar, local, independent record store as opposed to certain, unnamed, mammoth, online bookstores/record store? Easy. As our culture gets more and more co-opted and homogenized, it's nice to know that there are still places out there that actually care about the hands-on aspect of music, books, clothes, etc. Plus, independent stores have a different feel/smell/sound. They also tend to support aspects of the First Amendment, that chains can't be bothered with. This is the shortened version of a longer screed I 'spect I'll be posting at some future point. Until then I'll leave you with the caveat that I used to work for a very large independent book store in Denver. I would suggest going here for a guide to your local independent book store. Will you pay a little more? Yes. Will you be supporting choice and local businesses as opposed to the nameless, faceless corporations? Absolutely. Of course, it's your choice.

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Anonymous said...

Brian!!!! I'm so glad you are blogging!!!!! I check it daily and will read faithfully. XOXO Gina