Friday, October 14, 2005

Good Truckin' Tonite

The 'Mountain aint been real good about keeping it's long ago promise for...err...mountains of truckin' music. Wellll, shit, gotta change that. Yup, more road weary tales for all y'all little shavers. Roll on.

Dale Watson is a modern fella with an old diesel soul,a hard honkytonkin' mothertrucker with no love for Nashville's assembly line cream of the crap. Like fellow traveler Wayne Hancock, Watson's music has the history of country stamped in dust all over his catalogue. Naturally, he don't sell a whole lot rekkids. Shame. If yr gonna start with one (and you really should start), the 'Mountain recommends The Truckin' Sessions. For obvious reasons.

If you've been comin' here for any length of time, and still don't know or worship Dave Dudley, I'm a failure.

Giddyup and Go:

Dale Watson: Good Luck 'n' Good Truckin' Tonite (mp3)

Dave Dudley: I Want a Woman With Handles (mp3)

Eat at yr local truck stop.


Anonymous said...

I second Mr. Big Rock's recommendation. The Truckin' Sessions album is definitely one to buy.
Dave Dudley is the man.
Finally, mentioned in the post is Wayne Hancock. I would also suggest picking up one of his fine albums. I believe he recently released a best of package.
John (from Milw)

sleepybomb said...

seeing as me and the missus are driving to new orleans next week i have been looking for all the drivin'/truckin' tunes i can find. thanks for the songs and recommendations. the big rock rocks!

Billy K said...

I gotta go against the grain here. I loved Dale's first record. Loved his second. Loved The Truckin' Sessions. Saw him live many times. But after several years and several records, it dawned on me that he was just recycling the same ol' schtick.

I mean, aside from his first record (by far his best), pretty much everything he's done is interchangeable. It's a formula. It's a good formula, no doubt, but he's got as much of an assembly line as Nashville does.

After ten years of Dale, something just strikes me as a little insincere about him and his music.