Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jump Jack Jump

Wynonie. Wynona. Wynona. Wynonie.

Just wanted to do that. We'll get to Wynonie later. For now, we'll make way for the lady, Sister Wynona Carr.

Carr's got the sin and salvation aspect down cold. We'll focus on the carnal for today's adventure, but her career in Gospel must be noted. It was as a Gospel singer that Carr made her biggest records and achieved her (very) modest initial fame, touring with Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She was achieving slightly more recognition at this stage as a songwriter than as a performer. Pity.

Frustrated with her career, Carr turned to the sinful world of secular Rhythm and Blues. Thank god. With a voice as big and sensual as Ruth Brown and Lavern Baker, Carr nails the early stages of rock'n'roll, throwing in rockabilly and blues in equal measure. It's seminal stuff, and it swings with suggestive sexuality. Swings indeed.

Carr's been getting a good measure of reassessment in recent years, her name finally pushed higher in the pantheon of great R&B pioneers of the '40's and '50's. She's worthy. Unfortunately, ill health ended her career, and eventually her life, way too early.

The following tunes are from her Specialty Records sides, recorded approx. 1955-1959. Of particular note is my favorite, "It's Raining Outside", a raveup suggesting some fun indoor activities for a rainy day. Jump!

Wynona Carr: Jump Jack Jump (mp3)

Wynona Carr: It's Raining Outside (mp3)

Wynona Carr: Ding Dong Daddy (mp3)

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blip said...

thanx! do you have "Dragnet for Jesus"?

countrygrrl said...

WOW!!! just gets better all the time...i rush home from work and logging on to you is one of my first priorities..yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

ang said...

what??!?! no gloating post about your boys from steel town? I was flashing back to sunday afternoons in the vern, with all you fellers huddled around the tube...I bet jeremy was waving his steeler towel frantically...