Friday, June 23, 2006

Doodle Doo Do


Gee whiz, today's my hap hap happy birthday (and stop the presses for this late update: I share my birthdy with JUNE CARTER CASH (RIP)!!!!!!! I'm not worthy. really, I'm not trying to be coy. I'm really not worthy). So, you know, I really want some cake, chocolate if you please. To celebrate we're gonna head out tonite for a little Andre Williams and some burlesque, all under the same roof. What better way to spend the night of your slow demise than with the Black Godfather himself. I'll have a full report later. You know, since I don't post enough about Andre Williams already.


Del Reeves is maybe the second-most famous truckin' troubadour, after Dave Dudley. His song "Girl On the Billboard" is a stone killer classic of lust and wheels. Bless him. Doodle do do. But didja know that Del recorded a whole sleeper cab's worth of non-trucking songs? Yep, shore nuff. Sporting an impeccably twangy baritone, occasionally reminiscent of Roger Miller, paired with the best 60's country chug and lug instrumentation, Reeves weaved like an out of control semi around his tunes, spinning the best bumpkin meets white line fever this side of the musical highway. Reeves never took himself too seriously, never tried to be, say, Johnny Cash, but that's not really the point. Veering dangerously close to novelty, which truck driving songs have been accused, but never sacrificing a good song to goofiness, he threw down some classics, both in and out of the driver's seat. He even had the self-deprecation to mock his own tendency to doodle doo too much (see below). So these are some non truckin' sides for y'all, from a master of the genre, and pretty durned good performer otherwise. Who says I'm just a gear jammin' daddy?

Del also recorded a batch of duets with another Mountain favorite, Billie Jo Spears.

Oh yeah, and keeping with the disturbing trivia of the last couple of posts, Reeves was also partly responsible for getting Billy Ray Cyrus signed to his first record contract. We're trying real hard not to hold it against him. Instead I figger I'll let his songs speak for themselves.

Del Reeves: Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens (mp3)

Del Reeves: This Must Be the Bottom (mp3)

Del Reeves: I've Used Up My Doodle Do Do's (mp3)

Del Reeves and Billie Jo Spears: On the Rebound (mp3)

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Reverend Frost said...

Can I get drunk tonight to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Big Rock,

Happy Birthday.

I hope you received plenty of your favorite beverages and listened to some great music.

John (from Milw)

daveyboy said...

Hey Big Rock:

Del Reeves' "This Must Be the Bottom" is such a well-done track. As are all of the tracks featured here. I must say, I really enjoy this blog.

For posting them, you can have anything you want for your birthday. Just name it. I'm sure one of your fine readers will send whatever it is to you. I would, but I would certainly never be able to afford such and expensive item.

Happy Birthday!

thebcman said...

hope you had a happy birthday ..

i enjoy your blog. if you ever get around to an all-request lunch hour, i would appreciate that "Girl On A Billboard" song if you have it. Haven't heard that in ages.


C. said...

Happy (belated) birthday--hope it was a fine one.

yrs, Chris

Pudd said...

I love the girl wearing nothing but a smile and a towel in the picture on the billboard in the field near the big ole highway! Doodle do do do! Thanks man! Happy bday!

Brian (Chicago) said...

Hey! Thanks for the Del Reeves treats! "This Must Be the Bottom" and "I've Used Up My Doodle Do Do's" have been playing on constant rotation in my head/house/car for, well, since shortly after June 23rd! Your entries and audio files have been keeping me going for a while now. Happy Birthday and keep up the good work!