Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trucks on a Plane

Dirty trucker. Mother trucker. Where the truck have I been?

I'm back, and as a gift, I'm going to revisit a familiar Mountain theme and obsession to make it up to all y'all. We love us some good tasty truckin' music, we sure do, and we've already ranted ad nauseum on the topic already. So kick back for a bandwidth-busting half a cd mix of rubber burning, white line chasing, diesel smoking, pill popping rig rock heaven. Most of the following aren't exactly seminal, but we're here for a good time today, not some boring ole history lesson that no one reads anyway. Pop these in yr 8-trackin' 18 wheeler and hit the road before the snow hits.

Hope the following will appease the patient while I begin relaunch number 33 1/3. Grab 'em quick, cuz once they're gone....

Kelly Willis: Truck Stop Girl (mp3)

(This song features Jay Farrar of UncleTupeloSonVolt, with whom she's also done a fine version of "Rex's Blues". Hop on Kelly's truck here.)

Dave Dudley and Charlie Douglas: Where's the Truck (mp3)

(Well, it's Dave Dudley. And who hasn't lost a thing or two after a wee tipple?)

Scott Biram: 18 Wheeler Fever (mp3)

(More on Mr. Biram at a later date)

Kay Adams: Little Pink Mack (mp3)

(Ok, I lied earlier. This one is seminal. Get your kicks with Kay yonder.)

Del Reeves: Bertha the Bull Hauler (mp3)

(For more on my take on Del, head over to this diner booth)

Dick Curless: Big Wheel Cannonball (mp3)

(Dick's curlies are exposed here.)

Hank Snow: I've Been Everywhere (mp3)

(Not the version everyone knows, but Hank Snow's a personal favorite of mine.)

Jerry Reed: Texas Bound and Flyin' (mp3)

(Yeah, not "East Bound and Down", but I already gave you that a year ago. It's still from "Smoky and the Bandit", and, really, if you listen closely, it's basically the same song. Everybody loves Jerry Reed.)

Kitty Wells: My Big Truck Drivin' Man (mp3)

(Queen of Country Music, queen of my heart. Who doesn't love Kitty?)

Moe Bandy: Kickin' Asphalt (mp3)

(I have nothing to say here. It's Moe. That's good enough)

Red Simpson: Big Mack (mp3)

(Red Simpson eats here.)

Red Sovine: Freightliner Fever (mp3)

(The doctor is in)

Tex Williams: Teamster Power (mp3)

(I was raised as a big union supporter. Still am. Tex pays his dues.)

Planet Rockers: Truck Driver's Rock (mp3)

(Is it genuine, or modern posing? You got me. But I think the Planet Rockers are swell. Featuring Eddie Angel from Los Straightjackets)

Willis Brothers: The Old Sleeper Cab mp3)

(And with that, I'll let the classic tones of the Willis Brothers sing me into my own sleeper cab for the night.)

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zincink said...

This is truckin good road tunes my friend heheheh :D rootin tootin lol!

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Good to see ya back !
Keep On Truckin'Big Rock
Always liked the Kelly Willis version of Truck Stop Girl

C. said...

oh, this is fantastic. Thanks so much.

hillibillyJoe said...

Good music this hot rod country.
This Planet rockers is nice. But the old hillibilly boogie are insuperable

countrygrrl said...

fantastic trucker collection...the dogs bollocks...i love all this stuff and there is a track called 'widowmaker' which is fab by i don't know who..but it has the usual tears and snotters and a death over the side of the mountain..i think... keep up the fandandy work!!!

Sensi said...

Very nice read what you are writting..:-)

Bowman C said...

You gotta listen to Bill Kirchen, king of the gear grinding, black smoke from the stacks, diselbilly music. Recommendation Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favorites by Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen.

mister anchovy said...

My fave version of I've been Everywhere is actually a live version recorded in Toronto by the late great Handsome Ned. He also did a killer version of Ghost Riders in the Sky, Silver Wings and many others before checking out early.

napsmear said...

Oh man.....i just listened to
Planet Rockers: Truck Driver's Rock
i just got back from tennessee too...this song took me right back there......truck drivers down there sure do rock....n roll.....right over post's

Anonymous said...

Truck Stop Girls, the original is by Little Feat. Nice version here.

Southern_Christmas said...

Would be nice to have these . but all dead

Christmas Albums
Updating to 500