Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Booze Party!


Here's the deal. The Mountain is about to start a project, and we need your help. Yes, you, there in the corner with the half-empty can of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. We're making a list of the Greatest Drinking Songs Of All Time. Not sure yet if it's going to be numbered at 50 or 100, and here's where you come in. I want your suggestions. Any list of drinking songs is going to be heavy on Country and Blues, which I've got a decent grip on, but there's a good chance I'll forget a few if left to my own inebriated devices, and, of course, great drinking songs are not limited the above genres, The Replacements, The Pogues, and Tom Waits.

So help me out here. What are your favorite drinking songs? What tunes help you raise that last glass at the end of the night, or the first crack of dawn? What songs can you sing at the top of your voice, never missing a lyric, while sloshed out of your mother-lovin' brains? What puts a tear in your beer?

Here's some suggestions:

-The songs should be something that more than two people know. Your buddy's garage band demo does not qualify.
-The songs shouldn't be merely songs that make you want to drink, such as anything by Jessica Simpson or her stupid sister. Drinking should be an integral part of the song.
-Give me something that I might not think of, something that may be outside of the Mountain's range. Perfect example is "Margaritaville". Not a big Jimmy Buffet fan, but there's no way "Margaritaville" doesn't finish in the top 20. It's a classic, whether I like it or not, and too many people have stopped a bar dead in it's tracks, glasses raised or head lowered to the bar, by slapping it on the jukebox.

I know you're out there, I've seen the stat counter. So help me out. I'm aiming towards getting the list together by, oh, I dunno, how about the middle of March? Maybe, and I'm just picking a random date, March 17th seems like a good day. I haven't decided if I'll offer up a zip file of the whole thing, or randomly selected songs. Maybe I'll make a special offer to folks who contributed, whether their song made it or not. We'll see. You can give your opinion on that matter also. If you don't contribute, you can't bitch about the final list.

You can leave a comment below, or send me an email at

To get you in the mood, here's a couple of tunes that may or may not be eligible for the list.

Corky Jones is, well, let's be honest here.....Corky Jones is Buck Owens. Playing a little boozey rockabilly under an assumed name.

Corky Jones: Rhythm and Booze (mp3)

Three Aces and a Joker: Booze Party (mp3)

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The BBQ Kings said...

Oooh, good idea.

My suggestions:

Scott Biram: Whiskey
The Meat Purveyors: Tall Boy
Jerry Lee Lewis: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
Ted Hawkins: There Stands The Glass
J. B. Lenoir: When I Am Drinking
Merle Haggard: Drink Up And Be Somebody
Sonny Boy Williamson: Sloppy Drunk Blues
Albert Collins: I Ain't Drunk
Booker White: Good Gin Blues

Greg said...

"Gin House" blues, Nina Simone & Billie Holiday versions
"Gin & Juice" (Snoop & esp. The Gourds' cover of same)
"Don't Take My Whiskey Away From Me," & "Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well" by Wynonie Harris (I got these two from "Honey, Where You Been So Long," which mutually links with you.)
"Whiskey River," by Willie Nelson
Any version of any song along the lines of "If the River Was Whiskey"
"Let me Go Home Whiskey," by Asleep At the Wheel
"Bubbles in My Beer," by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

BTW, I gave up drinking about 11 years ago, so naturally I love drinking songs! If I think of any others, I'll pass them along.

Anonymous said...

I can never download your tunes (work firewall issues), but that don't make me some kinda piker.

My suggestions:
Jimmy Buffet: Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw (better than M'ville to me)
G. Love & Special Sauce: Cold Beverage
Tha Alkaholiks: Tap The Bottle
Beastie Boys: Brass Monkey
George Thorogood: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Chumbawumba: Tubthumping
Ryan Adams: Drunk, Fucked Up Like The Twilight
Leftover Salmon: Whiskey For Breakfast
Dr. Dre: Gin & Juice

Deb said...

The first song that came to mind was "Hey Bartender" by the Blues Brothers

Anonymous said...

Webb Pierce's version of "There Stands the Glass" - the original. Oh yeah, "tonite the Bottle Let Me Down" by Merle Haggard I believe.

jan said...

Among many others

Milk and alcohol, Dr Feelgood
I drink, Mary Gauthier
Sheila Tequila, Sir Douglas
I wanna be sedated, Ramones

Eric B. said...

Gotta go with "Boob Scotch" by Bob Log III. Here's the video, which only adds to the mood of the song:

There's also "Too Drunk to Fuck" by the Dead Kennedys and "Boat Train" by the Pogues.

Robert said...

Some great ones already.

"The Lord Knows I'm Drinking" - Cal Smith

"Whiskey, You're The Devil" - Clancy Brothers.

"One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer" - Amos Milburn

"Let Me Go Home, Whiskey" - Amos Milburn

"Fifteen Beers" - Johnny Paycheck

"Beer Drinking Christians" - Bobby Bare & Lacy J Dalton

"You Better Quit Drinking Shine" - Rev I.B. Ware with Wife & Son

JD said...

Fun idea. I second G Love and Special Sauce’s “Cold Beverage” and Jimmy Buffett’s “Why Don’t We Get Drunk.” Also:

Buck-O-Nine – Irish Drinking Song
The Champs – Tequila
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – You and Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight
The Barenaked Ladies – Alcohol
The Corb Lund Band – Time to Switch to Whiskey
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – A Little Bit Ugly
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Bartender’s Song
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Drunks and Children
Tom T. Hall – I Like Beer
Bobby Bare – Tequila Sheila
Willie Nelson – I Gotta Get Drunk
Merle Haggard – I Think I’ll Just Sit Here and Drink
Shelly West – Jose Cuervo

Anonymous said...

Lily the pink by Scaffold (feat. the other McCartney

tony c said...

I'll second the motion for "Fifteen Beers" by Paycheck.

Other good Johnny Paycheck tunes:
"King of Barstool Mountain"
"Colorado Cool Aid"

Can't forget George Jones:
"White Lightnin'" (Big Bopper cover, I think)
"Relief Is Just a Swallow Away"
"Just One More" (probably the best of the bunch)
"Out of Control"

"Swinging Doors"

"Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' With Lovin' on Your Mind"

And for the repentant and hungover,
The Louvin Brothers:
"The Drunkard's Doom"
"The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea"

The DoorKeeper said...


I shall pour myself a wee dram and peruse me old memory banks.

Looped by Joe Dyson
Drunk by Jimmy Liggins
Atomic Cocktail by Slim Gaillard
Dixie Fried by Carl Perkins
What's The Use of Gettin Sober by Louis Jordan
and likewise
Sure had a Wonderful Time Last Night (leastwise they tell me I did) by Louis Jordan
Have A Drink On Me by Lonnie Donegan
Galway Bay by The Clancy Bros
Feel So Near by Dougie MacLean
Alligator Wine by Screamin' Jay
Whiskey and Rum by Shiloh Lindsey

Hmm, now my glass is empty, dammit ...

bigrockcandymountain said...

Damn! Now this is what I'm talking about. A bunch of these suggestions are songs I forgot about or didn't even think about. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Every one of those songs are gonna go up on the big board for discussion. Keep 'em coming folks, and I'll reward you real doggone well.

Anonymous said...

I sent an e-mail, but I figured I would post these here also.


Six Pack to Go - Hank Thompson
Pass the Booze - Ernest Tubb
Blues Plus Booze - Stonewall Jackson
Whiskey Bottle - Uncle Tupelo
Here Comes a Regular - The Replacements
Hey Bartender - Floyd Dixon
Sloppy Drunk - Jimmy Rogers
Pop a Top - Jim Ed Brown
If Whiskey Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will) - George Jones
White Lightning - George Jones
What Made Milwaukee Famous - Jerry Lee Lewis
Whiskey and Wimmen - John Lee Hooker
Wine Me Up - Faron Young
I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink - Merle Haggard
Misery and Gin - Merle Haggard
Back to the Barrooms - Merle Haggard
Double Crossin' Liquor - Stick McGhee
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Stick McGhee
I'm Drunk - Mojo Nixon & The Toad Liquors
Gettin' Drunk - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
Hair of the Dog - Dale Watson
Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer - Johnny Russell
Two Six Packs Away - Dave Dudley
Jack Daniels If You Please - David Allan Coe
Loser's Cocktail - Dick Curless
I Had to Get Drunk Last Night - Gary Stewart

Anonymous said...

Some Pre-war suggestions:

Skillet Lickers:
Pass Around the Bottle and We'll All Take a Drink
Sugar in the Gourd

and all those Jake Leg Songs!

Anonymous said...

George Thorogood - I Drink Alone
George Thorogood - If You Don't start
drinking I'm gonna leave

Ripper said...

First thought was:
The Letter that Johnny Walker Read- Asleep at the Wheel

The Humours of Whiskey- Andy Stewart and Manus Lunny

Finally, a request. Instead of the George Thorogood tunes, how about tracking down the originals?

Rick Saunders said...

Alan Jackson- Everything I love is killin' me
Fred Eaglesmith- Alcohol and Pills
Fred eaglesmith- Drinking too much
Banjo & Sullivan- Home gettin' Hammered while she's out gettin' nailed
Dale Watson- One more for her
David Allen Coe- D-R-U-N-K
Gil Scott Heron- The bottle
Handsome Family- So Much Wine
George- If drinkin' don't kill me
Joe Nichols- Tequila makes her clothes fall off
Paycheck- Barstool Mountain
Paycheck- 15 beers
Lonnie Pitchford- Drinkin' Antiseptic
Richard Thompson- Down where the drunkards roll
Star Room Boys- Whiskey and You
Tommy Johnson- Alcohol & jake blues

I'm sure I got a million more but these were handy. Now when yr ready to do a cheatin' compilation i'll be xtra happy to help!

Anonymous said...

Do have a look at the following:

I Got Loaded- Los Lobos

Drank Like a River - Whiskeytown ('natch)

Niteclub - Old 97s

Jeffrey said...

Couple of quick ideas....

Gary Lee and the Showdown ... "The Rodeo Song"

Hank Williams Jr. ... "Family Tradition"

Love your site.

Anonymous said...

The Pub With No Beer - Slim Dusty

A great Australian favourite.

Johnny Dark said...

The Nips are Getting Bigger - Mental As Anything

Anonymous said...

I thought of a few more. Can't Help it.


Chug-a-Lug – Roger Miller
Here I am Drunk Again – Webb Pierce
Stomp Them Grapes – Mel Tillis
Bloody Mary Morning – Willie Nelson
I Got Loaded – Lil’ Bob and the Lollipops
I Got Loaded – Peppermint Harris
I Got Loaded – Zeb Turner
Wine-0 – Pee Wee Crayton
Who Drank My Beer (While I Was in the Rear) – Dave Bartholomew
Vicious, Vicious Vodka – Amos Milburn
Quiet Whiskey – Wynonie Harris
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers – ZZ Top
Drunken Guitar – Tommy Steele

Anonymous said...

Saw only one Gary Stewart song suggested, and it's not necessarily his best "drinking song." Try: "Drinkin' Thing" or "She's Acting Single (I'm Drinking Doubles)" or "Whiskey Trip."

The Kinks "Alcohol" is also recommended.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Those are better Gary Stewart choices. What was I drinking?


Anonymous said...

"Relief Is Just a Swallow Away" - George Jones

"Rot Gut" - Wynonie Harris

"Bad Bad Whiskey" - Amos Milburn

Testify said...

Summer Wine: Lee Hazlewood (and Nancy Sinatra or Suzy Jane Hokum)

Brain Cloudy Blues: Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys

The Happy End (The Drunk Room): Mercury Rev

Whats The Use Of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again): Louis Jordan and his Timpany Five
Saturday Night Fish Fry: Louis Jordan and his Timpany Five

Only When I'm Drunk: The Alkaholiks

You're Still On My Mind: The Byrds

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke: The Flying Burrito Bros.

My Bucket Got a Hole in It: Hank Williams
Honky Tonkin': Hank Williams

Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad: Tammy Wynette

Sittin' and Thinkin':Charlie Rich

Dirty Hangover Blues: W.Lee O'Daniel & his Hillbilly Boys

Gonna Get Tight: The Sunshine Boys

Tennessee Saturday Night: Red Foley

Sick, Sober and Sorry: Johnny Bond (or Tommy Duncan if you prefer)

The Bottle Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson

Friday Night Fight at Al's: Larry Jon Wilson

Teach 'em How To Swim:Hank Thompson
(also recommended Drunkards Blues as arranged by Thompson...Hell, the whole of his Songs For Rounders albums would be appropriate)
Also recommended both Johnny Burnette and the Rock'n'Roll Trio's version and Malcolm Yelvington's version of Drinkin Wine Spo Dee O Dee.

saved George Jones until last because thats a list in it self. Off the top of my head:
The Honky Tonk Downstairs
Heartaches and Hangovers
Bartenders Blues (with James Taylor)
If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)
The King Is Gone (So Are You)

Of course Frank Sinatra's One For The Road would have to top the list but you knew that.

Testify said...


Born Slippy: Underworld

Lil' Old Wine Drinker Me: Dean Martin

Last Night: The Mar-Keys

Alligator Wine: Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Happy In Bag said...

Aside from my obligatory recommendation of There Stands the Glass (for obvious reasons), I'll limit my suggestions to ten county(ish) songs I didn't see mentioned.

John Anderson- Straight Tequila Night ("tonight she's only sippin' white wine")
Joe Ely- Tennessee's Not the State I'm In ("I can feel my world turning as I watch the bottles spin")
Joe Ely- Honky Tonk Masquerade ("you sure look fine tonight in the beer sign light")
Vern Gosdin- Set 'Em Joe ("they got ole Hank and Lefty")
Merle Haggard- Misery and Gin ("this honky tonk heaven really makes you feel like hell")
Kris Kristofferson- Sunday Morning Coming Down ("the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad")
Charlie Robison- Barlight ("bar light, bar bright, first bar that I see tonight")
Jimmy Sturr- Whiskey and Beer ("for good luck and happiness, year after year")
Keith Whitley- Tennessee Courage ("my good friend Jack Daniels stands tall on the shelf")
Hank Williams, Jr.- Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound ("put a cold one in my hand")


Satisfied '75 said...

Bloodkin - Liquor Ain't Love
Whiskeytown - Drank Like A River
Star Room Boys - Whiskey & You

i can email those to you if you need 'em.

mister anchovy said...

Ah man, I need a drink. Add "In Heaven there is no Beer", the tri-lingual Flaco Jimenez version. cheers.

Dane said...

"Wasn't That a Party" by the Irish Rovers.

Anonymous said...

You folks are good...

A few more:

Pink Champagne - Joe Liggins
One Mint Julep - Louis Prima (among many others)
Rum and Coke - Professor Longhair
Underneath the Bottle - Lou Reed
Double A Daddy - Wayne Hancock
Drinkin' Blues - Wayne Hancock
Stoned Drunk and Naked - Anders Osborne
My Baby Got Drunk - Paul Jones
Bad Whiskey, Bad Woman - 'Lil Son Jackson
Drunken Angel - Lucinda Williams
If I'm Gonna Sink (I Might As Well Go to the Bottom) - Johnny Paycheck
I Ain't Drunk - Lonnie "The Cat" ... also Albert Collins
Whiskey Trail - Los Lobos
Whiskey, Gin and Wine - Joe Liggins
Hangover Blues - Maddox Brothers & Rose
Barstool Blues - Neil Young ...also the Feelies
The Drunkard's Hell - The Stanley Brothers
My Old Drunk Friend - Freakwater
I Know Who Threw the Whiskey In the Well - Bull Moose Jackson
Everytime I Get to Drinking - Sunnyland Slim
One More Drink - Snooks Eaglin

Cheers, David

Anonymous said...

Fathom the Bowl - The Watersons
It's the kind of folk song where one can only reach both the top and bottom notes towards the end of the evening...


chaika said...

Drive-by Truckers: Dead, Drunk and Naked

Drive-by Truckers: Women Without Whiskey

The Queers: I Only Drink Bud

chaika said...

Finnegan's Wake

Flogging Molly: Irish Drinking Song

Anonymous said...

anything but jimmy buffet. if you don't like it why is it a classic.

Charlie Feathers - It's just that song

Eric said...

Well, I'm pretty late to the party, so this list is pretty well along. So I'll leave the Blues & Roots choices that are so well covered here, and provide two tunes by the Dropkick Murphys that I haven't seen on the list yet.

Barroom Hero
Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced

Of course, most Dropkick Murphys tunes either make you want to fight or drink, so they all count to some extent.

Anonymous said...

Strawberry Wine--Deana Carter

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs: Bottle of Wine

Anonymous said...

One for My Baby (And One for the Road) - Billie Holliday

Two Glasses Joe - Ernest Tubb

Sorrow On the Rocks - Porter Wagoner

Whiskey, Women & Loaded Dice - Joe Liggins & the Honeydrippers

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Screamin' White Jefferson's "Gin Pig" would get my vote as the best of this teetering lot. "Gimme all ya got!"

Donnie said...

Taking out my dupes that have already been covered, though I definitely second the Corb Lund anthem Time to Switch to Whiskey, my list includes:
Hair of the Dog - Dale Watson
Drinking Again - Frank Sinatra
Bury the Bottle With Me - Hank Cochran
Here I Am Drunk Again - Moe Bandy
Night Life - Ray Price
Take a Drink On Me - Charlie Poole
Have a Drink on Me - AC/DC (but I like the Hayseed Dixie version better)
How Can I Be So Thirsty Today - The Meat Purveyors
One For My Baby - Frank Sinatra
Cocktails - Bill Anderson
Barely Human - Robbie Fulks
Days of Wine and Roses - Frank Sinatra
Rye Whiskey - Tex Ritter
Beer Run - Todd Snider (not the Jones/Brooks version!)
Martini Time - Rev. Horton Heat
Liquor Beer & Wine - Rev. Horton Heat
Old Beer Themes (Lowenbrau, Budweiser, Schaefer, Hamm’s)
Beer - Asylum Street Spankers
Last Night I Drank Myself Sober - Lazy Ike and the Daredevils
Look What the Cat Dragged In - The Lucky Stars
When I’m Drinkin’ - Devil in a Woodpile
Better Luck Is a Barroom Away– Starline Rhythm Boys
Couple of Beers Ago - Dale Watson
Blackberry Wine - Big Sandy
Juiced - Big Sandy
Let's Go Get Stoned - Ray Charles
Wine Women & Song - Loretta Lynn
Scotchin' with the Soda - Nat Cole/The Four Charms
DRINK - The Jazz Butcher
Soul Happy Hour - The Jazz Butcher
Nyquil Blues - Cornell Hurd
I Cry, I Drink, and then I Cry - Cornell Hurd
I'm I'm Gonna Sink, I Might As Well Go Straight To the Bottom - Johnny
Paycheck or Neko Case
A Couple of Beers Ago - Dale Watson
Soda Poppin Around - The Collins Kids
Beer Run - Todd Snider
Rex Hobart has a bunch, but I don't know if they're any good.

Now I'm thirsty!

Donnie said...

Sorry, Bury the Bottle with Me is Hylo Brown, not Hank Cochran. I've never heard his version, but it's on Fulks' 13 Hilbilly Greats along with Cocktails. Just wanted to give props to the originals.

jon manyjars said...

Slim Gaillard's version of "Scotchin' with the Soda" is excellent.
Has anyone suggested Black Flag's "Six Pack"?
"Passenger Side" by Wilco
"The Liquor Store Came First" by the Jayhawks
"Since I Started Drinking Again" by Dwight Yoakam
"Cherry Wine" by Little Esther
"I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home" by Lefty Frizzell

Dave said...

I'd like to second the nomination of Wynonie Harris' "Quiet Whiskey."

Loony said...

Here's some

Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy later covered by Metallica

Snortin' Whiskey Drinkin' Cocaine - Pat Travers

Spill that Wine - Eric Burdon and War

VE said...

Southern Culture On The Skids

Liquored Up And Lacquered Down
Corn Liquor
Drunk And Lonesome Again

Anonymous said...

How 'bout Are You Drinkin With Me Jesus by The Beat Farmers.

Anonymous said...

"Drink, Drink, Drink" from The Student Prince by Sigmund Romberg

Drink! Drink! Drink!
To eyes that are bright as stars when they're shining on me!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To lips that are red and sweet as the fruit on the tree!

Currently being used in those Aquafina commercials.

"Champagne is so Romancing, Tra La La La" from Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss.

A little opera never hurt anyone, especially when it's about getting revenge for a drunken prank played at a costume party...

Hey, you did ask for unusual ones. And why can't drinking involve good times and good fellowship? Why must it always be about getting totally wasted or covering up depression?

Anonymous said...

Just spit-balling here, but how about these…

Jerry Jeff Walker – “Sangria Wine”
Jimmy Buffett – “Why Don't We Get Drunk“
George Jones – “Choices”
Social Distortion – “Ball and Chain” (Live)
Robert Earl Keen, Jr. – “Dreadful Selfish Crime”
Robert Earl Keen, Jr. – “Don’t Turn Out the Light”
1100 Springs – “Raise Hell, Drink Beer”
Dwight Yoakam - It Won't Hurt -
Dwight Yoakam - This Drinkin' Will Kill Me -
Balad of a Lonely Man as performed by Mike Ness

Chris said...

What a variety of drinking songs!

Flogging Molly, "Drunk'in Lullaby"

The Rocky Road to Dublin, The Young Dubliners

So I guess basically anything Irish qualifies!

alabamudclay said...

reverend horton heat - beer:30
reverend horton heat - gin and tonic blues
reverend horton heat - sue jack daniels
the jesus lizard - boilermaker
nofx - you drink, you drive, you spill
mojo nixon and jello biafra - are you drinking with me jesus
doors - alabama song
supersuckers - drink and complain
jon wayne - texas funeral
moistboyz - 1.0 (fuck no)

Nate said...

Might I suggest "Bar Wars" by Freddy Weller...

JB Guitar Man said...

I Ain't Drunk, Just Drinking by ALbert Collins should be on your list. It ranks high on mine!

D said...

Fuck You I'm Drunk by Bondo ... often misnamed as "Irish Drinking Song" and often miscredited to Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Pogues, Dr. Demento & some other random Irish Bands.

If it starts "I bang on the door but you won't let me in ..." then it's Bondo.