Friday, July 06, 2007

Big. Dumb.

Big Show Tonite. See the previous post, and stop by if you're in the Chicagoland area.

Oh, yeah, we've got Serge Gainsbourg up over at Barstool Mountain.

Now then.

Something a little different from the Mountain, for you weekend summer enjoyment. We aint kidding when we say big and dumb. Because, when the heat index goes up, and the amount of clothing goes down, you want some fine, mindless tunes pumping from your car, apartment, or home windows.

You probably know The Sweet (or just Sweet, depending on what year it was, and what album) from their classic sides "Fox On The Run" and "Ballroom Blitz". It's the music you listened to during your Dazed and Confused years, all Hesher hair, Satan signs, and a mountain of beer cans in the backseat. They were the pinnacle of glam rock, before falling off into bland hard rock late in the 70's. Oh, but when they were on, it was a glorious noise. Buzzsaw guitars (see: Wig Wam Bam), big drums, and sugar sweet melodies.

I'm really not joking here. We at the Mountain heartily endorse The Sweet (the early years) as a perfect summer soundtrack. Below are two of our favorite songs, period. "Wig-Wam-Bam" is sticky summer sex at it's finest, and "Funny Funny" is The Archies with balls.

As a bonus, we're gonna give you two covers from Gearhead Records' fine singles roundup, "Runnin' On Fumes". It's The Donnas and the Groovie Ghoulies putting their own stamp on our favorite Sweet songs. The Donnas in particular give a, errr, fascinating interpretation.


Sweet: Wig-Wam-Bam (mp3)

Sweet: Funny Funny (mp3)

The Donnas: Wig-Wam-Bam (mp3)

Groovie Ghoulies: Funny Funny (mp3)

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Dan said...

Thanks SO much for endorsing Sweet! All bullshit aside, they made fun music. And, after all, ain't that what music's all about? The 2 tracks are great, even better than the hits. And that young lady in the photo looked hot then, and she still looks damned hot today. I love the whore-hair, and I always will.

sage said...

I like your blog--it's filled with information on a nich of pop culture... Good work.

I got here by googling "Big Rock Candy Mt" for a blog post I'm doing on a favorite drive--highway 89 in Utah.

miz fuhrell said...

seriously, where did you find that picture? wow, that is heinous on a whole new level.

Dane said...

I love the Sweet! I took 'em all four and can't wait to listen. Thank you.