Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pale Rider

As promised a couple of posts ago, we're gonna alternate between "regular" posts and posts about artists who will be performing at the Deep Blues Festival this summer. For the record, we are not in any way financially affiliated with the Festival (hell, we bought our ticket just like everybody else), but we are extremely enthusiastic about this Festival, and we'll do everything in our power to promote it. Keep yr ears and eyes tuned to this spot as we near the start of the Festival for more info in regards to any plans we have while attending. We're kinda shameless about the things we like, obviously, but we really believe that there's no other music festival out there this summer that matches this one for kick ass music. Just sayin'.

Willem Maker
has a spectral, haunted approach to the Blues, sounding like the apocalypse in hushed tones across the blasted horizon, a dark ragged thing, baked and scarred on a mountain crossroads, soul sold for a dime and a flask of gas and fire.

Maker's guitar work is equal parts shredded fuzz and delicate thrum, bobbing hypnotic over a voice mumbled-murmered, hollered-hoarse.

Feller claims to be from sumsuch place called Turkey Heaven Mountain, Alabama. Possibly that's all you really need to know.

He's got two records out, "New Moon Hand" and "Stars Fell On". We'll have more to say about "New Moon Hand" later this year, but we'll let the music speak for itself, with a couple of tracks from each record.

If this aint enough to get you to the Deep Blues Festival (and his opening slot for Bob Log III, which we're also psyched about checking out), then, well, we're not sure what will. But we'll keep trying.

Willem Maker: Saints Weep Wine (mp3)

Willem Maker: Black Beach Boogie (mp3)

Willem Maker: Raised In Praise (mp3)

Willem Maker: Pale Rider (mp3)

Please support your local independent Blues festival. But only if it doesn't suck.


Happy In Bag said...

I'm not looking for more stuff to do this summer, but I just might have to make that long drive north on I-35. Thanks.

bigrockcandymountain said...

Well, hell, let me know if you're gonna be there (I've been told single-day tix will be available sometime late May for those who don't want the whole experience). If enough folks familiar with this here site are attending we might set up something special for one of the evenings.

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks, BRCM. I must confess, however, that after seeing Tony Bennett earlier this evening I'm now considering listening to nothing but saloon singers for the remainder of my existence.

cjohnson22463 said...

The daily schedules are now announced and daily tickets are for sale at the website
Unfortunately, Willem Maker has chosen not to perform. We added local legend Spider John Koerner.