Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Well...why the fuck not? Hooray for me!

Oh, and none of these songs are the "traditional" one. Probably goes without saying...

Clem Snide: Happy Birthday (mp3)

Wild Billy Childish and the MBE's : Birthday Boy (mp3)

Sugarcubes: Birthday (mp3)

Cracker: Happy Birthday To Me (mp3)

Buy a Cake!


Chris said...


miz fuhrell said...

"gonna party like it's your birfday..."
(oops, sorry for desecrating the Mountain with gangsta gibberish)

much love and southern o-hi-uh hugs to you, good good sir! enjoy a pint on my behalf (in light of my gestation-induced abstinence...boo hoo).

Tom said...

Häppi Bürste, as we say here in good German Denglisch

Mark P said...

Birthday greetings from NC. If you get down this way, first one's on me. Hell, the second one, too.