Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Route Sixty Six Pack

We're back. Took a little break, but let's dive into it, shall we?

We realize we're expected to say something about Jay Reatard at this point. But, well, tons of others have weighed in around the blogo-world (or whatever it's being called nowadays), and we weren't that careful of followers in his career, preferring other, similar (yet different!) artists. Not a knock on Reatard, we think his records are keen, but we really don't have the connection to him that would allow us to wax poetic, or whatnot. Tell you what, we'll include a tune of his at the end of this post. Farewell, Jay, and godspeed.

Gonna have a busy posting week this week, so let's kick off the fun with another in our Six Pack series: Six tunes pulled (mostly) randomly from our vault of vinyl records (which we're sloooooowly digitizing.

So, what tasty treats do we have today? How about...

Some stompin' hallelujah from Rev. Louis Overstreet (on Mississippi Records!). A little be-bop beat jazz poetry from Slim Gaillard (off the LP Beat Jazz: Pictures From A Gone World). Next we've got some snotty-ass garage trash courtesy of a collaboration featuring a feller we talk a lot about here (you'll easily guess) under the name The Black Jaspers.

Add some deep funk soul from Marie Queenie Lyons (from the Soul Fever LP), a little hillbilly junk scum from The Scat Rag Boosters, and wrap things up with Jay Reatard. Pretty nifty stack o'wax, huh?

All songs taken from vinyl. All songs 100% grade A Big Rock Candy Mountain approved!

Rev. Louis Overstreet: Get Ready, I'm Gonna Move (mp3)

Slim Gaillard: Travelin' Blues (mp3)

Black Jaspers: Born In '77 (mp3)

Marie Queenie Lyons: Your Thing Aint No Good Without My Thing (mp3)

Scat Rag Boosters: Lonesome Moon (mp3)

Jay Reatard: See/Saw (mp3)

As ever, please support your local, independent record stores, where available.


Ramone666 said...

More Slim Gaillard please. Guess this is where ole Waits got the inspiration for Nighthawks At The Diner from.

CRwM said...

My thing's kinda good without her thing. Sure, it isn't as good. No doubt. But my thing good enough for short periods of time without her thing. I'd have my thing and her thing together. I think anybody would. But if forced to go without her thing, I'm okay. For a few days. Week at most.