Monday, February 01, 2010

The Dimming Of The Day

The Deep Blues Festival has ended.  There will be no more, at least in the form it's taken over the last several years.  I could rant for paragraphs on end about how disappointing this is, and what it says about our current state of musical blandness that this Festival couldn't continue.  But I won't.  Really.  In the background just now is the Grammy red carpet thing (I'm not watching by choice), and that Ryan Seacrest moron just said that this night is for celebrating the "best in music over the last twelve months."  He's wrong.  Events like the Deep Blues Festival celebrate the best in music, not the Grammys.   

We want to thank Chris Johnson, the founder of the Deep Blues Festival,  for all the work and love he put into the festival.  We met so many great people at the Fest, from bands and solo artists, to fellow fans, to a regular reader at this here site.  It was an epiphianic slice of time, and not to be repeated.

We're gonna continue our series of Deep Blues Fridays.  And we're gonna do our best to expose all y'all to all the great bands and artists out there working under the aesthetic and artistic tent that the Deep Blues Festival represented. 

Today, we're going radio silence.  No mp3's, no videos, nuthin'.  A day or two of silence.  In honor and in tribute. 





Ryan Export said...

A shame I never made it to the festival. And a shame the Grammy awards continue to disappoint. Even the Kings of Leon used to have a good southern roots-rock vibe. Now they're boring radio-rock, and got awarded a grammy for it.

Anonymous said...

Dim day indeed Big Rock.
The memories and particularly the friendships will last forever though.
I'm glad to see you are going to continue bringing exposure to these bands.
I will also do whatever I can on my end.

Take care,
John (from Milw)

schoppenaas said...

Don't let 'em bring you down my brother. We'll keep the Deep Blues spirit alive!

Boom Boom said...

When I entered the festival grounds in lake Elmo a couple years back I truely felt I had finally made it home. After wondering from gig to gig, scene to scene, show to show with no place to call my own. I found it. It will never be lost again! Thanks to Wisconsin Johnson!

Thanks CHRIS!

Boom Boom

bigrockcandymountain said...

Well said, folks!

Anonymous said...

Deep Blues will continue, by hell or high water. This blow will only make it stronger.