Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rockabilly Boogie

Hey hey, all y'all. We'd like to introduce a new contributor to this here little corner of the world. "Big J" knows a whole lotta shit that we don't, from Rockabilly to Metal to Punk, and all points in between. We think he's gonna be a big addition to our aesthetic. And we think y'all are gonna dig what he's got to say and share. He's gonna start us off with a little Six Pack of his own, to give you a little teaser. Check it out, and give Big J a warm welcome to The Mountain!

We'll start this six pack off with a wild, wild rocker by Johnny Carroll & His Hot Rocks. I like this version better than the one used in the movie Rock, Baby Rock It. Next up is a little boogie-woogie country number by Pee Wee King. Weep with Glen Glenn as he waits for his gal to show up. Then we've got a tune by Vince Taylor ( later covered by The Clash) and another by the mysterious Phantom ( later covered The Cramps). Finally there's Inspector Tuppence and the Sexy Firemen. Lousy name, great song!

Johnny Carroll and His Hot Rocks: Wild Wild Women (mp3)

Pee Wee King: Catty Town (MP3)

Glen Glenn: One Cup of Coffee (MP3)

Vince Taylor: Brand New Cadillac (MP3)

The Phantom: Love Me (MP3)

Inspector Tuppence and the Sexy Firemen: I Guess It Must Be Love (MP3)


schoppenaas said...

Howdie Big J, keep 'em coming!

Big J said...

Thanks! I sure will.

Mark said...

Welcome to the neighborhood, Big J. Nice grouping!