Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Six Packs Away

Welcome back, happy campers.  Let's get 2011 goin'

Most of our links in our final Top 10 list for 2010 are back up.  We've narrowed down the culprit that led to our DMCA takedown notice.  We'll have more to say about it shortly.

Workin' on a post about the first great record of 2011.  Should be up early next week (we're gonna try real hard for at least a couple posts a week...see how long we last..).

But until then, and for yr wintry weekend, how about a quick Six Pack of tunes guaranteed to keep yr vehicle veering round the icy interstate?

Yeah, this is pretty irresponsible, but what the hell.  Let's let these folks take you down  down a wobbly highway, white lines blurring, and eyes all a'twitter.  What do we love best 'round these parts?  Well, here ya go...

Dave Dudley: Two Six Packs Away (mp3)

Tom Hyatt and The Black Mountain Boys: My Benny's Wearing Off  (mp3)

Hank Thompson: A Six Pack To Go (mp3)

Willis Brothers: Alcohol and #2 Diesel (mp3)

Gary Stewart: Caffeine Nicotine Benzedrine (And Wish Me Luck) (mp3)

The Byrds: Drug Store Truck Driving Man (mp3)

Let's hope MADD aint payin' attention...Please support yr local.  If ya know what we mean...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mano... I first heard
Gary Stewart: Caffeine Nicotine Benzedrine (And Wish Me Luck)

In 1970-something on KSAN's (lunchtime) Blueplate Special... everyday from noon to one pm...they had a themed show each day... that day they were having "Drugs" for lunch... Hadn't heard this song since then...

Thanks for a blast from "The bad old days" LOL