Friday, March 11, 2011

Oklahoma Hills

Hey, now!

Since the last one was a gangbusters success, we're gonna do another in our series called, conveniently, The Greatest Song Ever Written (At Least For Today).  Again, this is where we highlight a song, for the sake of the song.  No wordy exposition.  No Mountainesque rambling.  The song is the star.  Of course, we always encourage folks to support the artists' (or their legacies) involved.

Boasting on of the best Country and Western (stress on the Western) melodies this side of Hank Snow, "Oklahoma Hills" might have been written by Woody Guthrie.  Or possibly his cousin Jack Guthrie.  Google-sleuths can determine for themselves. 

A jaunty, swingin' little Western number, time lost and travellin' long.  Featuring one of the greatest choruses ever written.  Takes you back, and stomps yr boots on the dust-scarred wooden floor. Yodel yr horse on down the trail between the canyon and the valley.  Lay yr blanket out under stars shining only for you.

Jack Guthrie: Oklahoma Hills (mp3)

Hank Thompson: Oklahoma Hills (mp3)

Johnny Bond: Oklahoma Hills (mp3)

Marvin Rainwater: Oklahoma Hills (mp3)

The Mountain is a strong supporter of independent kickers, pickers, and cowboy angels. 


Mark said...

Didn't see this one comin'. Not sure I care who wrote it, but Jack Guthrie's version is the best for my money. Not that they all aren't good.

Anonymous said...

What Mark said.

bigrockcandymountain said...

And I agree as well (though I always have a soft spot for anything Thompson and Bond do.)

Anonymous said...

Great song, A timeline would be nice....

you know, which came first, year recorded, etc.


ps yeah Guthrie's Number 1.