Friday, October 21, 2011


The best laid plans...A death in the family has derailed our posts.  So, another in our series of Best Song Ever (at least for today).  

Truly, one of the songs we listen to over and over and over again.  Search it out, it's origin, and whatnot.  The song is pure joy.  And sometimes all you need in life is joy. Get on yr dancing shoes, and swing, baby, swing the night away. 

Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms Band: Skokiaan (mp3)

Louis Armstrong: Skokiaan (mp3)

We'll be back shortly.  Until then, be good to each other.  


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the family's loss. Absolutely agree about the pure joy--pure joy beyond death and apartheid--of Skokiaan.

Let the healing begin.

buzz said...

Condolences here as well, These things are never easy to endure.

Anonymous said...

b side of the 45 was in the mood by the bulawayo sweet rhythm's also awesome but apparently sped up fof comic effect