Monday, January 23, 2012

Desperate Hopefuls

Enough time off recovering from our December blowout and Best Of lists...let's kick the New Year off proper, with the first in our series of Killer Records that we we'd never heard before until a pal shared it with us, and we can't stop playing it because it kick our ass all over the schoolyard!  (yeah, not sure how long this series will last under its current name).

Today's superstar is Brijitte West and the Desperate Hopefuls! 

Straight outta New York (and England?), a mix of The Sweet, the New York Dolls, Wanda Jackson, Lucinda Williams, The Runaways, Nico, The Donnas, and, oh, let's say Kitty Wells. 

Dirty, dirty candy-smeared gum-poppin' snarl geetar, with honey-dripped wasted alley vocals tossed off like Phil Spector girl-groop on amphetamines, loud and punk rawk in the sunshine blinking out between tall buildings, with the night coming on, and bad thoughts and bad deeds awaiting. Filthy and glammed up, with a touch of honky tonk, even referencing "Fox on the Run" on the tune "Bleeding Heart", it's a record that demands the volume at 11, blasting  from yr speakers and hopping up yr Camaro on the streets of yr town.

This record is a must-have for all Big Rock Candy Mountain visitors...have we ever steered you wrong?  You can hear more tunes here.  And you can buy the record here.  Do yrself a favor...grab the rekkid and rock the sleazy night away!

Brijitte West and the Desperate Hopefuls: Hard To Believe (mp3) 

As always, keep on rawkin' in the free yr local independent before Newt or Mitt take it away from you!