Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Thought Turkeys Could Fly

Well, this year's been sort of a bust, hasn't it (posting-wise, at least)?

We'll try to make it up with the world famous Holiday posting coming up soon (to those not in the know...daily posting starting shortly after Thanksgiving...with tons of non-traditional xmas songs, followed by our "keen" insights (ahem) on the best rekkids of the year)! Got a few more artists we want to cover before then, so cross yr fingers that we can fit 'em all in before the Holiday Madness.

Some special Thanksgiving tunes down below, but first, a public service announcement...

One of the things we're most thankful for in life is Norton Records, keepers of the flame, label extraordinaire, rock'n'roll oasis.  One of the most essential labels out there (just look at their mind-boggling catalog), and one of our favorites (you'll see a few of their rekkids in our best-of list). Hell, Esquerita is on their home-page.  And Hurricane Sandy hit 'em, and hit 'em hard, with their Brooklyn warehouse suffering extensive damage, and a massive loss to their entire catalog.  Efforts are underway to recover what they can, but they need our help.  They are asking for donations to help preserve the massive level of rock'n'roll goodness that they have spent so much time and money preserving. 

If anyone has a few dollars to spare, to help preserve a national institution, please consider donating.  To sweeten the pot, I will make a personal mp3 mix for anyone who can donate whatever they can.  Just let us know you donated, what type of mix you want, and we'll get to work!

So, then, a few Thanksgiving tunes, though not very respectful, to help y'all through the most aggravating of Holidays.  Sometimes there really is too much of a "family" thing.  Cynical?  Who us? 

See y'all really soon!

William Burroughs: A Thanksgiving Prayer (mp3)

Loudon Wainwright III: Thanksgiving (mp3)

Mary Gauthier: Thanksgiving (mp3)

Fuck it, just donate to Norton Records, already!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Xmas platters!

schoppenaas said...

Just donated 20 bucks to our friends at Norton Records. For the mp3 mix (if you can spare the time in the upcoming Xmas extravaganza): I like the King Khan & BBQ Show type garage madness, to get wasted and dance your sweat soaked socks off!

bigrockcandymountain said...


Thanks, man! Shoot me an email (found under the big rock candy mountain (not the Big J one) profile above)to let me know where I can send a link to the mix! And thanks for your loyalty over the years, and sticking with us despite all the dry spells!