Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Drivin' Every Kind of Rig That's Ever Been Made

Day 4 of our Big Rock Candy Best Records of 2012!  Things are gettin' serious, all y'all!  Heaven and Hell only know what might fall into the TOP TEN, based on the killer rekkids we've got for ya today!  Can you handle the excitement?  It's all about the Rawk, baby, so kick back, pop a top, Country fans be warned (we'll make ya happy soon), and ramp yr rocking chair up a few speeds, we're rollin'...!

Big Rock Candy Mountain Best Records of 2012, Part 4!

20. Wild Billy Childish and the Spartan Dreggs: Dreggradation LP/ Coastal Command LP

Billy Childish again.  Of course.  2 LP's released simultaneously, both bearing Childish's inimitable stamp of punk garage fury (with a hint of mod-era Who, mayhaps?), this time  full of very English inside-jokes, mythology, and philosophy.  You feel smarter, while still pogoing and banging your head against the brick wall of society.

Spartan Dreggs: Radio Dreggs (mp3)

19. John Wesley Coleman III: Trans Am Summer Blues/ Last Donkey Show LP

One of America's finest songwriters, sleazed backroads country laments, noisome bar band ravers, delicate meandering, big giant handclappin' rawk, lo-fi scuzz transistor, a spilled map mess of everything great in the world.

John Wesley Coleman III: Saturday Night (mp3)

John Wesley Coleman III: Hangin' Around (mp3)

18. Heart Attack Alley: Living in Hell LP

Trashy deepdown blues, green-furred harmonica destruction, vampy swamp-noir vocals, the riverboat on the Mississippi listing dangerously floods-a comin'.

Heart Attack Alley: Don't Waste My Time (mp3)

17. Diamond Rugs: Diamond Rugs

End of the night, last band on earth lookin' for a beer and a lay, racing vintage jalopy horns and pedal steel glory.

Diamond Rugs: Hightail (mp3)

16. The Coup: Sorry To Bother You

Best protest record of the year, yr mind and yr loins on fire, deeply funky, shimmer and shake the end times with the party in full swing Boots Riley yr emcee, floorboards stomped and the downfall of western civilization is a hootenanny, "Magic Clap" the best song you've heard all year.

The Coup: Magic Clap (mp3)

15. Natural Child: Hard In Heaven/ For the Love of the Game

Dirty, dirty rawk'n'roll, snotty like it should be, a little Ian Hunter a little Replacements a little boogie the shack down, crude 70's geetar girls girls girls summer cruising pumping out yr Trans Am.

Natural Child: 8 AM Blues (mp3)

14. Liminanas: Crystal Anis

Fizzy droned summer pop like Stereolab meets Nico meets Ye Ye meets Lee Nancy Serge and Jane, sweet and very sour, delicate and sharp, endless starry night, willow tree aflame with fireflies.

The Liminanas: Salvation (mp3)

13. 10 Cent Fuck Flicks: 8 Songs About Drugs and Sex

Completely fucked up scuzzsleaze songs about, well...fucking and drugs, not subtle but devil may care in short bursts of wicked raunch,  filthy low-bottom rawk inspired in jizz-soaked beer-stained urgency, more alive in lowest-common denominator you want this like yr latest fix.

 10 Cent Fuck Flicks: Chew You Up (mp3)

12. Left Lane Cruiser and James Leg: Painkillers

The mighty and right Rev. James Leg teams up with god's favorite band,  Left Lane Cruiser, for a grooved out, righteous, dirt road workout, filthy and primal, jesus on the lp runout blessing his children on the tribal satan hallelujah fury, fire on the mountain scorched earth below!

Left Lane Cruiser and James Leg: Ramblin' On My Mind (mp3)

11. Chicken Diamond: II

What we said earlier this year:

"Haulin' devil-boogie junk in an Ed Roth jalopy,straight outta France, this is a record that burns, deep hellfire blues and gasoline vapor trail.  Chicken Diamond, his very unrighteous self, kicking voodoo sleaze across a dirty horizon,  howling and gnashing for your soul, blurred bluespunk, one man prophet, the pedal goes down and it's straight to the cliff of damnation, jeering the whole way. "

Chicken Diamond: Country Song (mp3) 

Seriously, support the artists!  Fuck the man!  Corporate rock sucks!


schoppenaas said...

Wonderful stuff so far.. would have expected Left Lane Cruiser in your Top 10! Expectations are high.

And fuck the Man, man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great tunes, man, it's a great intro the new bands.

schoppenaas said...

The suspense is killing us, man!

Adrian said...

Indeed. Hope all is well. Looking forward to the top ten. I'm sure I'll be surprised by most of them!

bigrockcandymountain said...

How about tomorrow (Friday)? We're finishing it up...Hopefully we'll please y'all!

Schoppenaas...haven't forgotten yr mix...soon, man, soon...gotta be perfect!

schoppenaas said...

Take 'er easy my friend... So much yet to explore!