Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Insane Asylum

Took some time off after the Xmas and Best of let's kick it!!!

Today, a little relief, with the Best Song Ever Recorded (at least for now)....

Well, it's Willie Dixon with an incredible assist from Koko Tyler...good heavens...jukejoint sleaze meets r'n'b glory....nasty sex 'n' grooving, noir-ish slow organ and down low night-time lovin'....baking bread risin' in sin and Willie and Koko got some creepy ideas, red light district honking and hollerin'...god and the devil and the white coated psychiatric doctor pushing in yr door...mind playin' tricks on ya!

Willie Dixon and Koko Taylor: Insane Asylum (mp3)

No patients were hurt in this post.  Support the artists!

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