Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Girl's Organ is Her Friend

We love the organ here at the Mountain. From Shirley Scott and Jimmy Smith to Booker T and, yes, Tom Waits, and all points musical inbetween and outside. It's greasy and nasty, smooth and soulful, sexy and spiritual. Any kid in their garage or bedroom (see: 60's, rock) can transform themselves into a god of groove with but a few simple chords. Ok, it aint quite that easy, but it all depends on what you want to use your organ for.

Regardless, this really isn't a post about the organ. Except that the organ is featured on both of the following tunes. And both tunes are rockin' little garagegroove songs by girl groups. And I've been looking for an excuse to post both these songs, and that seemed to tie it all together. Bit of stretch, huh? Yeah, I thought so.

I like girls who play with their organs. Sue me.

Frankly, I didn't know much about The Heart Beats. Still don't really, outside of the afore-linked website. The song appears (for my purposes here) on Sundazed's fantastic series of discs, Garage Beat '66. Apparently The Heart Beats were a sort of more talented Shaggs (kitsch/hipster factor aside, how often do you really feel the need to listen to the Shaggs?), at least in terms of age and stage-parent factor. The main difference is that not only could the girls actually play their instruments, they had some crazy rhythm in their...erm...organs. The following tune has skyrocketed to the top spot in my various media playing devices. It's got a tribal beat, sweet as sexpot honey vocals, and is drenched in a rhythmic organ grind guaranteed to please the stodgiest of Stereolab fans. Man, I wish I was Lupe Lu.

The Heart Beats: Little Latin Lupe Lu (mp3)

Then, of course, there's Thee Headcoatees. Originally known as the female version of, surprise, Thee Headcoats , the band featured a young lady by the name of Holly Golightly, whom y'all are probably aware of by now. While Golightly has mellowed some in recent years, Thee Headcoatees are classic beat trash, in the Childish tradition. This is an oft-covered cover (and I'll be damned if I know who did the original), and it's based on (or rather a response to) another multi-covered classic. Guess which one. Oh, yeah, it features an organ amongst the clatter. I think I wish I was Melvin, too.

Thee Headcoatees: Melvin (mp3)

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guapo said...

The original "Melvin" was recorded by the Belles from Miami circa `66. Check out my blog tomorrow `cos i`m gonna re-post it! I love Thee Headcoats, I saw them once a month for about 5 years! Their leader Billy now fronts a mod-pop Who-style outfit called The Buff Medways!

Reverend Frost said...

Organ is good, Organ is our friend.

yves perret said...

Personally, I listen to The Shaggs' version of "Wheels" all the The Heart Beats' tune.