Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gonna Get Tight

Lest anyone be concerned, the Mountain has only given up one vice, not the complete package of sinful behaviours. We still appreciate a nice pint or six now and again, particularly tunes detailing said activity. Thanks to all those leaving comments and emails of encouragement and support. Things are going swell to date. Pretzel rods are very tasty things.

Before we get to today's musical tales of booze and sin, check out the swell site, Hickory Wind. From their website:
" is all about Americana music -- that twangy, rootsy, rocky, folky, country, grassy, jammy, or Celtic-y music we love. We want everyone to love this music, and we're here to help share it with the world. Pull up a chair and grab your guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, or whatever. We'll always be sure to tell you what key we're in and how the words go. On this front porch, even the audience sings along.

That sums it up pretty well. The proprietors/contributors are based in Raleigh, DC, and Tokyo, respecitvely. Great articles, with a few fascinating tales of obsession. (Check out the Ryan Adams post).


Been a while since I had a proper booze post. Nobody, I mean nobody, does drinking songs better than our friends in the Country and Western tradition.

Tommy Duncan was the featured vocalist for Bob Wills' classic Texas Playboys period. Eventually leaving the Playboys for a solo career (before rejoining and quitting several times again), he never had quite the same success alone as he had in a group setting. Which is a shame. As the voice behind such classics as "Time Changes Everything," "Stay a Little Longer," "Take Me Back to Tulsa," and "Bubbles in My Beer," Duncan represents the sound of Western Swing at it's most timeless and classic. The following tune has actually happened to me. More than once. Dammit.

Tommy Duncan: Who Drank My Beer(While I Was in the Rear) (mp3)

Moon Mullican is referred to by many as the King of the Hillbilly Piano Players. Maybe so. As an influence, you can hear his style in blues, swing, and rock, particularly Jerry Lee Lewis. A bit of a character, Mullican never achieved the fame he was probably due. Here's Mullican lending his distinctive style to the Sunshine Boys.

If ya can't smoke, ya might as well get a little tight, I say.

Sunshine Boys: Gonna Get Tight (mp3)

Local taverns have better jukeboxes.


countrygrrl said...

love moon mullican...came across him a while back singing 'i'll sail my ship alone' one of my all time favourites. hope you haven't had a smoke now!!!!

erika said...

congrats on the quitting.
try tea tree toothpicks. they help a lot.

stacy said...

From the Tokyo-based wing of -- thanks for the shout-out! The more great sites like yours, the safer I am from falling into the clutches of j-pop. Shudder. :-)