Wednesday, January 11, 2006

River Draggers

Locust Street is finishing up with it's 7 Drinks of Mankind. You should head over and take a look, listen to some Sons of the Pioneers and Marty Robbins.

Now, what to do with Ferlin Husky. And this seems to be turning into favorite names week. It's his real one, too.

From honky tonk to rockabilly, pop country to truckin', you'd be forgiven if you thought Husky was a wee bit schizophrenic. His styles and sound varied widely throughout his career, even going, as the occasion demanded, under the aliases "Terry Preston" and "Simon Crum".

While Husky wasn't the chart busting megastar in the vein of some of his friends and contemporaries (the very notable exception being the monster chart smash "Wings of a Dove"), he certainly carved his own identity (all of 'em) amid the variety of sounds bouncing off his platters.

"Draggin' the River" is a Sun-inspired (or inspiring) honky rave-up. "Truck Driving Son of a Gun" is part of a surprisingly large body of truckin' songs Husky recorded. "Timber I'm Fallin'" is a tambourine-shaking, rollicking, honky tonk piano-led boogie. And "Bop Cat Bop" is a rockadangbilly treat courtesy of alter-ego, Simon Crum.

Ferlin Husky: Draggin' the River (mp3)

Ferlin Husky: Timber I'm Falling (mp3)

Ferlin Husky: Truck Driving Son of a Gun (mp3)

Ferlin Husky (as Simon Crum): Bop Cat Bop (mp3)

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Reverend Frost said...

Yeeeeehaaaaa !!!
(aw, you know I'm a sucker for comments)

IanB said...

Just lovin' The Big Rock !! Some great stuff as per usual !!

mister anchovy said...

yeah, baby! nice material, love the Simon Crum cut! keep up the good work.

Buddy Logan said...

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