Monday, January 09, 2006

Texas Loaded

A little less conversation, a little more action.

Texas bluesman Peppermint Harris (one of my favorite blues monikers)made his name with "I Got Loaded", a booze anthem that hit the R&B charts in the early 50's. Drinking songs were popular at the time (see Mountain favorites Wynonie Harris and Amos Milburn), and Harris got trapped making slightly more inferior songs in a similar vein, a victim of bad marketing. Nevertheless, he charted with hits a few more times before the market moved away from the blues into rock'n'roll. Harris continued to record, tour, and pen songs for other Blues notables until his death in 1999.

"I Got Loaded" is classic jukebox rhythm and blues. And "Cadillac Funeral" seems just about right, so far as the Mountain's concerned, for the big send off.

Peppermint Harris: I Got Loaded (mp3)

Peppermint Harris: Cadillac Funeral (mp3)

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