Monday, March 13, 2006

Lord Knows

With the advent of the week leading up to my favorite holiday, I'm going to give one last go to a familiar theme. Well, not really a last go, but I really need to retire the theme for a bit.

One great thing about country music is the notion of never getting above one's raisin', as it were. No hoity toityness. I think I've inherited that notion from my Irish ancestors (whoever and wherever they may be) as well.

So, this is dedicated to the hypocritical religious right, and to the spineless left. And I promise I'm gonna put Bobby Bare to bed for a bit too.

Cal Smith: The Lord Knows I'm Drinking (mp3)

Bobby Bare and Lacy Dalton: Beer Drinking Christians (mp3)

Support your local, independent, house of worship and intoxication.


countrygrrl said...

fab post as always..appreciate that you didn't go the rapidshare route and i can grab these tracks for evaluation purposes. love bobby bare and his son who is doing some interesting stuff. All the kids are doing good, hank one and two, chris stills, jakob dylan and rufus and martha wainwright, maybe a post about the kids would be good..hmm

countrygrrl said...

just to let you know that the link for 'the nerds list' is linking to some babes without their panties on...don't know if this is what you want...

Ed said...

Ah, Cal Smith! A man after my own heart.
Another excellent post.