Thursday, March 16, 2006

Saints Preserve

I know this is a day early. But the Mountain is very busy this week, and forget about getting anything out of me Friday.

This is hardly representative of all the great Irish music out there, from traditional to punk, and all points inbetween. I'm leaving too many great songs and artists out. But, I know all y'all got the Pogues, and that's a tad predictable from the Mountain anyway, innit? No need to remind me who and what I left out, I'm already working some Catholic guilt about it.

St. Patrick's not from Ireland. Shane lives in England. Mike Scott is from Scotland. But Phil Lynott was a genius, and Van's a mystic (or mystic fool). And Americans (that'd include me) act like the holiday was invented for them.

So enjoy a small drop in the bucket of tunes from folks from the Emerald Isle (or bands featuring folks from said territory). Have a pint, don't say "blarney" (you'll sound like an eejit), wear green only if you feel it validates you, kiss a redhead in Chicago (but watch out for his wife), and dance a jig like the drunken fools you are. Thanks for visiting.

Van Morrison and the Chieftans: Carrickfergus (mp3)

Clancy Brothers: Whiskey You're the Devil (mp3)

Dubliners: Drink Up Men(mp3)

Stiff Little Fingers: Alternative Ulster (mp3)

Thin Lizzy: Whiskey in the Jar (mp3)

Irish Rovers: Nancy Whiskey (mp3)

The Undertones: Teenage Kicks (mp3)

Shane MacGowan: Danny Boy (mp3)


Joe de Vivre said...

I will be enoying these songs over and over again tomorrow until I black out a la Shane MacGowan.

Anonymous said...

This user is out of bandwidth =:o(

Maxim de Winter said...

Out of bandwidth... damn! Well, hello from Dublin anyway. It's bloody freezing here....

amio cajander said...

too many bands for so little bandwidth.

Cheers from Celtic Galicia.

Chris Connor said...

I've been reading your blog since beginning of '05 at least & this is the first time I've received the message "This user is out of bandwidth" when trying to listen to the excellent sellection of Paddy's Day songs (been trying for 2 days).
How's you first 6 months of wedded bliss going? Still wish you could eat it?

Charles Hendrick IV said...

Since Box.Net changed their ways alot of bloggers who use them are "out of bandwidth". They now charge for transfer of files which wipes out the entire account when the transfer expires. Phooey on you Box.Net!

Rush Kress said...

Dang, man. What a bunch of sweet tunes. Too bad I cain't listen to them 'cause it say "worng path" when I click on them shits.

Thanks anyway, though.