Saturday, November 29, 2008

Santa Claus Shufflin' Stagecoach

My, My, hey, hey, ho, ho, Xmas rock will never die.

Erm...well, it's day two of our daily Holiday extravaganza. Now 'til Xmas, kids. All the fave rave yuletide tunes you never knew you loved, 'Til now.

And lest you think we don't know what side our fruitcake is buttered, we've got a couple of hillbilly honky-tonkers for all y'all today. Tomorrow? Who knows what the hell we'll do?

Stay tuned for a special offer on Monday. We're all about the giving here at the Mountain.

Now it's time for that old-timey, scratchy, hillbilly holiday you love so well.

The stagecoach was the original 18-wheeler, dontcha know, and Buck Owens is taking Santa on a special ride.

Honky Tonk legend Tommy Scott, on the other hand, just wants to dance with ol' Santa. Kick out yr boots on the hardwood floor to this'un.

Sweet Sufferin' Santa!

Buck Owens: Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach (mp3)

Tommy Scott: Santa Claus Shuffle (mp3)

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Casey said...

Thanks alot.
I visit your blog regularly and just never took the time to let ya know.
You and your blog are great!