Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spread A Joyful Noise

Okey, doke. Business in front, party in the back. You know what we mean.

Despite our best intentions, this will be our last post before Thanksgiving. Regular visitors will know what comes next, but for those who've dropped by recently, here's the deal: Starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and continuing until the eve of Shane MacGowan's birthday (Christmas Eve for the more religiously inclined), we will be going daily (DAILY!) with our world-famous Xmas postings. We're your number one source for all for all things Honky Tonk, Garage and Blues Xmas joy. This is our 5th year, and no songs repeated. How 'bout them apples? We've got lots of yummy goodies lined up for next Xmas party, so hold on to yer stockings!

But first, let's rock and roll a bit.

They say you tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. When you can count, as bandmates and friends, Don Howland (Bassholes), Jack Oblivian (The Oblivians and so much more), Walter Daniels (Big Foot Chester and so much more), and Ross Johnson (ummm...Ross Johnson), you're doing pretty good in life.

And, so, we have the mighty God of contemporary rock'n'scuzzin salvation'roll, the one and only, Monsieur Jeffrey Evans, who has a brand spankin' new 7" single (and candidate for Record of the Year) out on the newly mighty Big Legal Mess Records.

Here's all the damn history you need to know: Evans' first notable work was with Columbus' own scuzzy, chicken-plucking The Gibson Bros., alongside the aforementioned Don Howland, and also featuring, on occasion, noted jackass Jon Spencer (before he became completely retarded). Moving to Memphis, Evans formed seminal garage rockers, '68 Comeback
, which featured contributions in various incarnations from Walter Daniels, Greg and Jack Oblivian, and Ross Johnson. '68 Comeback took slop jar rock to a whole new level, a twisted paean to 50's Country, Chuck Berry-infused guitar boogie, and a take on what young Elvis might have sounded like if he had developed his drug problem early. All with Evans as spiritual leader.

Throughout his career, Evans has scattered (gifted?) the world with various singles and projects, including The Memphis Roadmasters, La Fong, and The CC Riders. As a producer, Evans has helmed such groups as Mr. Airplane Man and American Death Ray.

Recently, he's taken up with essential dumpster rawk super-group, South Filthy, who we covered in full here.

Evans sings like a Blues-blessed hillbilly on good corn liquor, a shaky ramble of backwoods 'Merica, Southern gutter mumble and moan. His guitar-work spits out the nasty, and trickles the sweet and the lonesome when called for. We here at the Mountain honestly don't believe the world of music, at least as we view it, would be as good today if not for Monsieur Evans.

If you have a record player, we highly recommend you hunt down his latest 7-incher on Big Legal Mess, "Lord Keep Me Sanctified". Mr. Watson, of Big Legal Mess, has kindly allowed us to post the B-side, "Spread A Joyful Noise", for your listening pleasure (ripped from vinyl). It's one of our records of the year. We're also tossing in a few scattered tracks from his various projects. While these tracks are representative, they hardly tell the whole story. Most of his catalog is in print, outside of some limited edition singles which we're looking for, and reasonably priced, so if you like these tunes (and who in their right mind wouldn't?) there's tons more out there for you to enjoy.

See you on Friday, with the beginning of Holiday joy.

Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and His Southern Aces: Spread A Joyful Noise(from vinyl)(mp3)

The Gibson Bros.: Memphis Chicken (mp3)

The Gibson Bros.: Poor White Trash (mp3)

68 Comeback: Otto Wood, The Bandit (mp3)

68 Comeback: Strange Things Are Happening Every Day (mp3)

Monsieur Jeffrey Evans w/Walter Daniels and the Oblivians: The Darker The Berry (mp3)

South Filthy: Ran Out of Run (mp3)

South Filthy: First Train Away From You (mp3)

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