Friday, August 21, 2009

Sixual Healing

Ooops. We missed our Deep Blues Thursday post. The fault is entirely mine. We'll make it up to you over the next few weeks.

As a reward for your patience, we're gonna offer up another of our world famous 6 Packs for your weekend enjoyment. 6 fantastic tunes pulled from a variety of vinyl rekkid sources, of the 7, 10 or 12 inch persuasion. It's all about the love, baby.

We've got the Box Elders kicking things off with a jaunty organ-drenched number from their brand spanking new record, Alice and Friends. Old friend Dave Dudley checks in next with a swellegant tale of altered consciousness, off the album "One More Mile". Next, imagine if Bobby Dylan were a Scotchguard-huffing laddie lad. That's what you get with The Strange Boys in a tune off their "...And Girls Club" LP. After that Red Sovine wants to send a message, courtesy of "Tell Maude I Slipped". Got a god-fearing and god-loving b-side by the mighty '68 Comeback, from their 7", "Flip, Flop, Fly". And finally, from before rural psych was a hipster's wet dream, there was The Strapping Fieldhands. From their record Discus, a warped little pastoral about...well, you tell us.

Songs are arranged in no order whatsoever, other than some weird internal mix tape obsessing. So check 'em all out, and hand out copies to yr friends.

Box Elders: Death Of Me (mp3)

Dave Dudley: When I Get Back To Normal (mp3)

Strange Boys: This Girl Taught Me A Dance (mp3)

Red Sovine: Tell Maude I Slipped (mp3)

'68 Comeback: He's My Everything (mp3)

Strapping Fieldhands: Boo Hoo Hoo (mp3)

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