Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Black Boots and Dirty Nails


Jack Oblivian
was always our favorite Oblivian. Just barely, of course, since all three of 'em (Jack, Greg and Eric) were pretty super duper. But since the breakup of The Oblivians, we've been most enamored with Jack's career.

Some of the projects Jack's (may we call him Jack? Or perhaps Mr. Yarber?) been involved in pre- and post-Oblivians include The Compulsive Gamblers, The Knaughty Knights, South Filthy, The Cool Jerks, The Limes, Jack Oblivian & The Cigarillos, The Natural Kicks, '68 Comback, and Greg Oblivian and the Tip Tops. There's more, but we're most concerned in today's post with his solo work and his work with The Tearjerkers/The Tennessee Tearjerkers.

Post-Oblivians, Jack started to form a new sound, one that still hewed to the soulpunktrash of his former band, but opened up to other influences. You found a strong Country streak lingering at the edges, and a nod (as good as a wink) to The Faces' brand of bar band boogie, but pressed and squeezed into a Memphis rhythm'n'booze grease pit. His voice is still there, a dried corn-husk of a sneer, snot-flecked and leering. But, with a vignette-heavy songwriting maturity, he creates a rawkin' ramble of lowdown sleaze, bad attitude and bad intentions, pistols and pussy, and southern-style burned down house-party.

Jack's got two (Two!) new records out. Disco Outlaw in on Goner Records and Saturday Night, Part Two is on the mighty Big Legal Mess. We also had the honor of seeing Jack play last week at the world famous Hideout, with John Paul Keith backing him up. It was a mighty night, and we left sweaty, buzzed and happy. You'll be hearing more about these albums at the end of the year.

Aside from the two new records, who represent the first two tracks below, we've got tracks off of the albums So Low, American Slang, Don't Throw Your Love Away, The Flip-Side Kid, and Bad Moon Rising. Again, the man's all over the musical map, both as producer and performer, so his other projects are well worth hunting down. Goner Records is a good place to start. I'm assuming y'all have the Oblivians rekkids already, right?

Jack O And The Tennessee Tearjerkers: Ditch Road (mp3)

Jack Oblivian: Against The Wall (mp3)

Jack O And The Tennessee Tearjerkers: Dirty Nails (mp3)

Jack O And The Tennessee Tearjerkers: Black Boots (mp3)

Jack Oblivian: Honey, I'm Too Old For You (mp3)

The Tearjerkers: Bank, Gun, Jail (mp3)

Jack O And The Tearjerkers: Mad Dog 20/20 (mp3)

Jack Oblivian: Mama Don't Get Off (mp3)

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sonicwailer said...

Great post Big Rock!
Jack is one of the true modern day saviors of rock and roll. He always gives just the right mix.