Friday, July 31, 2009

Deep Six

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

We're still trying to put in words how great the Deep Blues Festival was. It's hard to distill 5 days of great music, and even better people, into a pithy post.

We would be remiss if we didn't recognize Chris Johnson, the founder, for the passion, love, and heart he put into the festival. I've never been to an event before where every band made a point to thank and praise the man responsible for bringing them there. This happened at the Deep Blues Festival. Mr. Johnson is a visionary, and an example of how to put your soul into action.

And, we must also mention all the artist involved (70 bands, duos, and one-man bands), from T-Model Ford, Elmo Williams, and CeDell Davis to Pure Country Gold, Ten Foot Polecats, Bloody Ol' Mule, Black Diamond Heavies, and countless others. This was the type of festival where the artists roamed freely throughout the crowd, encouraging you to engage them in conversations, rabidly checking out other artists, and even sitting down for a beer with anyone who would ask. Such acknowledgment of fans is a rare thing indeed in the current music scene. But the Blues lend themselves to interaction, don't they?

We'll get to covering other music shortly, but for today we want to do a special edition of our Six Pack series, focusing on artists who played at the Festival.

We'd also like to announce, for the foreseeable future, a new series here at the Mountain. We're gonna call it Deep Blues Thursday (starting next week), and we'll be covering many of the artists who either played at the Festival, or whose brand of Hill Country Blues/Punk Blues/Hillbilly Blues, etc. matches the aesthetic forged and lovingly curated at the Fest. We'll being doing interviews with the artists, and offering special incentives and, yes, giveaways. Keep your eyes peeled to this site for more announcements. Things are afoot (which partly explains my posting delay).

So, today's Six Pack, featuring artists from the Deep Blues Festival. We've got The High Plane Drifters, Dooley Wilson, The Speaking Tongues, The Rue Moor Counts, Restavrant, and Pure Country Gold. Ass kickers, each and every one. And we've only just begun.

Remember, all songs are pulled from vinyl (in this case all 45's). Songs are not listed in order of greatness, so check 'em all out!

High Plane Drifters: Trouble In Mind (mp3)

Dooley Wilson: Easy When You Put It On Me (mp3)

The Speaking Tongues: Looking In Your Window (mp3)

The Rue Moor Counts: On The Run (mp3)

Restavrant: Bev D. (mp3)

Pure Country Gold: Setting Sun (mp3)

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The Speaking Tongues said...

Deep Blues should be experienced by all fans of real and raw music. Now get out there and buy all these 45s!

D. said...

Dooley Wilson - an homage to the man who played Sam (and played 'it' but didn't play it 'again') in 'Casablanca'?