Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Satan Is Real

Well, we're off to The Deep Blues Festival. We've got some interviews set up for future posting, and hopefully we'll return with some more goodies and news for all y'all's enjoyment. Keep an eye to this space over the next five days, as we'll attempt some live blogging, if time and sobriety permits.

In the interim, we've got a super duper little mix for ya. As voted in the last poll, the forces of darkness won out over the competition. Satan takes over the Mountain. Watch out for lighting!

And yeah, we skipped some obvious choices (AC/DC, Charlie Daniels Band, Rolling Stones, Roky Erickson, etc.). Figgered those were too easy.

Does the Devil really have all the good music? Maybe we'll have to concoct another Sin and Salvation mix to decide.

Devil Horns! Devil Horns!

Big Rock Candy Mountain Presents: Satan Is Real(A Devilish mix)
(Link to mix follows track listing)

1. Satanville (The Gibson Brothers)
2. Devil Is Watching You (Lightning Hopkins)
3. Sinner's Dream (Eugene Fox)
4. Satan Is Real (The Louvin Brothers)
5. Devil Do (Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs)
6. Idle Hands Are the Devil's Playtings (Palace Brothers)
7. Wrestling With Satan (Lightning Beat-Man)
8. Deacon Brown Vs. The Devil (The Holidays)
9. Chased Old Satan (The Woodie Brothers)
10. Race With The Devil (Gene Vincent)
11. Satan (The Dwarves)
12. Satan's River (Porter Wagoner)
13. Me and the Devil Blues (Robert Johnson)
14. Say No To the Devil (Rev. Gary Davis)
15. Go Away Devil (Little Axe)
16. I'll Never Let the Devil Win (Sleepy LaBeef)
17. She Belongs To the Devil (Wasboard Sam)
18. (censored)
19. Old Red Devil (Hollis Champion)
20. Devil's Gonna Get You (Bessie Smith)
21. Get Behind Me Satan and Push (Billie Jo Spears)
22. Devil Is Mad (Dorothea Fleming)
23. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Uncle Tupelo)
24. We've Got the Devil On the Run (Elder Lightfoot)
25. Satan Sold Out (Them Ranch)
26. Workin' Like the Devil For the Lord (Del Reeves)
27. Send My Soul To the Devil (Frankie Lee Sims)
28. I've Got A Devil In Me (Big Foot Chester)
29. Satan Wears a Satin Gown (Frankie Laine)
30. Last Song About Satan (Slim Cessna's Auto Club)

Satan Is Real (mp3)

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Anonymous said...

Another brilliant mix--keep 'em coming!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, was that some nice listening! Great selection. Thanks for your efforts.

Kegan said...

Think this could be reposted at all? Thanks,