Friday, July 10, 2009

Six Pack To Go

Hey, hey! Gonna pound on yr eardrums today with another exciting installment of our 6 Pack series. Six fantabulous tunes ripped from glorious vinyl for your enjoyment and consumer needs. What's this all about? Well check out our previous six pack post for the full skinny.

So, here's our vinyl stars for the day. Next time we do this it'll be an all 7" day, so let the ladies know (ah ha ha ha...ha...hee hee...oh, forget it).

First up is a slab of pre-punk, soul punk from the awe-inspiring, recently unearthed Death (not the death metal band) courtesy of Drag City Records. More on these guys later.

Hard to follow Death, but legend Jack Oblivian (nee Yarber) and his Tennessee Tearjerkers kick a sweet sweatboozemidnightramble tale from their new rekkid, The Disco Outlaw on (label of the year) Goner. Note that no disco, or anything remotely associated with it, actually appears on the rekkid. Jack Oblivian retrospective coming soon on this very site.

Lo-fi (don't hate the label, embrace it as a sign that no jackass producer mucked around with the proceedings) genius Bobby Ubangi clocks in next with a fast and furious little ditty that has us jumping around the living room in sheer bliss. Song's on "Inside The Mind of Bobby Ubangi" on Rob's House Records.

Halfway through we have an African groove courtesy of Mississippi Records' album Love Is Love. If you're not grabbing every release by this label, well, there might be something wrong with you. This might be our favorite song posted today.

For you sleaze-blooze-trash fans, The Touch-Me-Nots, a two piece husband and wife duo, take you to the darker side with a track off their killer Sheldon Munn 10" on Yakisakana Records.

And, finally, a little noirish, late-night drinking song from Country chanteuse Sammi Smith . From a record that's no longer in print, "The Toast of 45", but well worth hunting down.

As ever, the songs are not in any order of quality or greatness. We just lined 'em up in a convenient mix-tape sort of way. Grab 'em all, and support the artists if you can.

Death: Keep On Knockin' (mp3)

Jack O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers: Walk of Shame (mp3)

Bobby Ubangi: Another Girl Like You (mp3)

S.E. Rogers - Toomus Meremereh Nor Good (Sierra Leone) (mp3)

The Touch-Me-Nots: Imbe-Style (mp3)

Sammi Smith: The Toast of 45 (mp3)

Please support your local, independent record stores. Please.

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