Friday, July 17, 2009


Howdy from Minneapolis. We're posting on the fly, so pardon our grammar. That picture above is the legendary T-Model Ford playing an impromptu short acoustic set in the wee hours of the morning after the close of the first night of the Deep Blues Fest. He played to about 20-30 of us stragglers out on the smoking patio. At 89 years of age, the man can still kick ass and send chills down one's back. I think all of us standing there had a feeling we were witnessing something special. And it's just the first night. Should be a pretty interesting weekend.

We'll have more on the artists down the line, with tunes (I'm buying vinyl, so mp3's will have to wait...sorry), but if y'all get a chance check out the linked sites forBloody Ol' Mule and Restavrant, our new favorite artists, whose kick ass sets held us rapt with amazement. We'll get some tunes up by them soon, and an interview with at least one of 'em.

Stay tuned.


Autopsy IV said...

Restavrant is indeed, pretty awesome live.

ah fong said...

t model is coming to glasgow later this year, cant wait to see him