Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not All Right

Continuing our week of "new" stuff.

The new record from Cococoma, "Things Are Not All Right" (on Goner!) arrived at my door last week on pink vinyl. Pink vinyl, god love 'em!

From the mean streets of Chicago, Cococoma is Bill and Lisa Roe with a revolving cast of bassists. What they play is a slobberbone style of our old favorite garage-trash punk. No reinventing the wheel here, but they do it better than anyone else. Sorta like the glory days of New Bomb Turks and the Oblivians, when all other bands sounded like pretenders to the throne, Cococoma takes their sound to dizzying heights of surging organ, caveman stomp drums, and shattered, savage guitar. With Bill Roe's vocals howling and sniping over the proceedings, it's like the second coming of The Stooges. Yeah, really.

Bill and Lisa Roe also run a fledgling record label, Trouble In Mind, which has put out some killer singles over the last few months. Y'all should check it out.

It's rock'n'roll, kids, and I like it!

From vinyl, suckas!

Cococoma: It Won't Be Long (mp3)

Cococoma: I Swear (mp3)

Cococoma: Keep That Volume Down (mp3)

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