Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bow Down

Ulp. So much for "daily". We'll save the daily posts for the upcoming Xmas extravaganza.

But...we'll finish up with our "all new" stuff over the next couple of posts, and then kick it back to the usual stuff y'all know and love.

Not sure if there's much to say about the new Almighty Defenders sooper-groop that hasn't already been said, but just in case you missed it, The Almighty Defenders is one-off (sadly) project featuring Mountain fave King Khan, BBQ (Mark Sultan), and The Black Lips. If that aint enough to git yr panties in a bundle, then consider the fact that it's a gospel album. Well, not really, kinda, but as close as a group of celebrated hedonists can get. Actually, nevermind, it really is a gospel record.

The album was recorded in a rumored booze-fueled few days, while the 'Lips were in exile at King Khan's house in Germany (while hiding from Indian authorities due to bad behaviour). Whether the details are true, or the stuff of myth'n'legend, doesn't matter much, since the record is a swirling mess of deep soul handclaps, hootenanny stomp, gristle-encrusted guitar sleaze, praise-god-hallelujah-let's fuck hollerin' goodness. It sounds like there's a party going on in god's pants, and the boys are the band at the end of the world.

Is this the best record of the year? You'll have to wait and see, but it's real contender, praise jesus.

The record is out now. So, there you are. Start yr fanzine now. As a bonus, we're gonna throw in a King Khan tune and a Mark Sultan/BBQ tune, just for kicks. We're saving tunes from The King Khan and BBQ Show for later.

The Almighty Defenders: All My Loving (mp3)

The Almighty Defenders: Bow Down and Die (mp3)

King Khan and His Sensational Shrines: Kukamonga Boogaloo (mp3)

BBQ: Shake Real Low (mp3)

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