Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Crash The Party

Damn Yankees! Ah well, fingers crossed. Two games to go. Go Phillies!

Glad I got that off my chest.

It's always a good year when god's favorite sock-hop destruction-ists The A-Bones grace us with a new record. When it's been over 13 years, it's a cause for twitterpated revelry!

Formed by Billy Miller and Miriam Linna (who also are the guiding forces behind the essential Norton Records), The A-Bones are a swinging, shimmying, stompin' stew of sax-skronkin' sin and sleaze. Taking the tropes of 50's teen dance euphoria, mixing in the danger of black sunglasses, devil-driven rock'n'billy, and opening up the garage doors onto suburban streets, The A-Bones recognize the similarity of the sock hop and the strip club, barely controlled sex urge grunting yeah, baby yeah. It's milkshake-shakin' rumble, tribal poundin', guitar frenzy, finger poppin' rebellion, with the needle on the record, and go,caveman,go.

On some deserted stretch of highway outside of Anytown, USA, a 1956 Chevy Belair lies smoking and crumpled, the front end smashed against a telephone pole. There's glass everywhere, like diamonds in the moonlight. Inside the car are two bloodied corpses, teenage lovers fresh from the prom, caught by tragedy in a death grip of love and lust, the end of the world in a tux and gown. The radio (AM, of course) still plays in rhythm to the spinning wheels, and the band crackling out of the tinny speakers is The A-Bones.

The A-Bones' new record, Not Now!, is out now on Norton (and some guy named Ira Kaplan plays on the record, too. You might have heard of him). It's well worth your time. Honest. You'll be rockin'n'boppin the night away.

The A-Bones: Shallow Grave (mp3)

The A-Bones: Daddy Wants A Cold Beer (mp3)

The A-Bones: Shanty Tramp (mp3)

The A-Bones: Monkey's Uncle (mp3)

The A-Bones: Hully Gully (mp3)

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